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Metrico Wireless Releases "LTE: The Subscriber Experience — International …

Wireless currently announced accessibility of a report, “LTE: The
Subscriber Experience — International CTIA WIRELESS(R) 2012 Edition,”
formed on a company’s robust, design and repeatable research of
mobile device opening from a subscriber indicate of view. While
ATT‘s and Verizon‘s LTE networks showed allied information and web
performance, there was poignant movement in video peculiarity and
battery life among devices, underscoring a criticality of measuring
opening during a subscriber level. The news was a outcome of
eccentric contrast by Metrico as partial of a Insights
service, that also provides customized analytics to mobile carriers and
device OEMs seeking to urge their products or strengthen their
brands. Metrico will be exhibiting during International
CTIA WIRELESS 2012 in New Orleans, Booth #3011.

At this time in 2011, 4G smartphones in a U.S. essentially operated on
HSPA+ or WiMAX network technologies, with a singular LTE-compatible
handset on a market. What a disproportion a year makes! The tip seven
U.S. carriers have committed to rising LTE services, with ATT and
Verizon aggressively building out their networks and selling several
smartphones. Metrico has been conducting ongoing dimensions of the
subscriber knowledge on name devices, on pivotal criteria including:

information opening (HTTP download, HTTP upload, web page bucket time)

video opening (frame smoothness rate, freeze, impairment, audio)

battery life (by focus and by user profile).

Devices evaluated enclosed a Samsung Galaxy(TM) S II Skyrocket(TM) and
Samsung Galaxy Note from ATT, and a Motorola DROID BIONIC and
Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX from Verizon.

Key Findings

Whether it’s a largest arrangement or a largest battery of any
smartphone, LTE inclination launched so distant in 2012 have targeted specific
areas of a subscriber knowledge to compute from the

Devices tested on a ATT and Verizon LTE networks exhibited
allied information opening when totalled by still information downloads
and uploads. All inclination approached or pennyless by a 1 second mark
for loading a customary web page.

Video opening sundry by device, and a movement was not
correlated with information performance, indicating that onboard device
attributes — including video processor and program — play a pivotal role
in a subscriber’s video experience.

When deliberation energy expenditure by application, a ATT Samsung
inclination need some-more energy than a Verizon Motorola inclination for
circuit-switched voice calls and SMS, though are some-more power-efficient in
streaming video. For web browsing, a ATT Samsung Galaxy Note
consumes reduction energy than a other devices. Given a Note’s larger
arrangement size, a opening on streaming video and web browsing
energy expenditure indicates that other facilities of a device
recompense for a approaching empty on a battery from this component.

Not surprisingly, a higher battery ability of a Motorola DROID
RAZR MAXX allows it to outperform other inclination in battery life in all
applications, with circuit-switched voice job being a most

As an indicator of hurdles faced by device OEMs, all of a devices
underneath exam would final reduction than 5 hours on a entirely charged battery
if browsing a web or streaming video, applications that should be
increasingly vicious to a LTE subscriber experience.

More information about a report, including how to request
device-specific analytics, can be found at: .

About Metrico Wireless, Inc.

Metrico is a trusted
partner to carriers and OEMs bringing winning mobile products to
market. Since a inception, we have set a customary for mobile device,
network and use opening measurement. Our law technologies
and methodologies capacitate robust, design and repeatable research of
opening from a subscriber indicate of view, in laboratory and live
network conditions. We broach unmatched Fit4Launch
Services, cloud-based Measurement
Systems, and Insights
Services, that a business rest on to expostulate quality, minimize network
impact, and marketplace their brands some-more effectively. Metrico has evaluated
over 800 device models for carriers and manufacturers. Additional
information on a association might be found at .

SOURCE: Metrico Wireless, Inc.

        Metrico Wireless, Inc. 
        Amit Malhotra 
        Vice President of Marketing 
        +1 202-341-8624

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