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Make coffee now, suffer it later

Everyone enjoys their coffee being done in a unequivocally sold and unique-to-them way, so is a coffee partner unequivocally means to suffer an espresso done by a opposite person? Well, this doubt stemmed a origination of COSSO, a coffee appurtenance that gifts a user with a plug of coffee! Prior to withdrawal a comfort of their homes, COSSO enables a user to ready a expressos that they will need to get them by a day-ahead! Once prepared, a user can store a capsules in a comfortable box that carries a beautifully neat and purify aesthetic, that is common by a coffee appurtenance itself!

There is no denying that this judgment advances a coffee creation knowledge a few stairs further, so could we see yourself regulating this?

Designers: John Park Fountain Studio


Mock Up

2 Way Espresso Outlet

Cosso comes with espresso adult and down. When it comes up, it fills a capsule, and when it comes down, it enters a espresso cup.

Take Out Espresso in a Capsule

Bottom Up Espresso

When a plug is plugged into Cosso, a magnet inside a plug rises up, stuffing a opening with a coffee.

Capsules can be stored on a coffee machine.

Coffee Storage

Coffee beans are stored safely from a feverishness of a espresso machine.

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