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LovePalz, The Real-Time Virtual Sex Toy For Long-Distance Couples, Will …

LovePalz, a practical sex tool designed for long-distance couples, has finally set a launch date for both a products and Web-based control center. On Mar 29, we can get your hands (and other parts) on Hera and Zeus, a dual inclination designed by Taipei-based association Winzz.

The titillating wireless tool has been generating hum given announcing pre-orders in September. Winzz says that they perceived over 5,000 pre-orders within dual months, behind when a LovePalz set of dual inclination was accessible for $94.95 each. Now that a pre-order special has ended, any piece, called a Hera and a Zeus, is accessible alone for $189. Despite a aloft price, Winzz reports that they have sole 1,800 equipment given Feb 28.


Lovers can control their LovePalz inclination during a cybersex event by regulating a LovePalz Web site, that also has a mobile version. A mouthpiece told me that a association is still operative on rising a LovePalz iOS app, though swell has been behind since of a App Store’s restrictions on offered adult-themed content.

The Hera resembles a dildo, while a Zeus is like a sleeker, high-tech chronicle of a barbarous Fleshlight. (The names are engaging since nonetheless ancient Greek deities/husband-and-wife Zeus and Hera were mostly distant by prolonged distances, that’s since Zeus was off carrying sex with everybody in a star besides Hera).


Both toys have mixed vigour and speed sensors that work though buttons and concede partners to feel what any other is doing to them in genuine time. The inclination are waterproof, rechargeable, and are engineered with an atmosphere siphon and involuntary piston. Why, we ask? Well, a atmosphere siphon means a Hera fondle can “get bigger when we are bigger,” as a LovePalz Web site puts it, and a atmosphere siphon allows a Zeus to “tighten up.” The association ensures users that it has tested a atmosphere siphon many times to make certain “the speed is ideal and stops when it’s removing too tight,” so there will be no news headlines screaming “LovePalz, a talent of penis explosion.”

The LovePalz’s perfected engineering sets it apart, though there have positively been other practical sex toys. The Virtual Hole and Stick set (yes, that was a genuine name) was designed behind in 2007 as one of a beginning “teledildonics” products. Web site HighJoy bills itself as “the premier online end where we can find a required collection that concede we to control another’s personal massager over a Internet.” Other practical sex toys have been a bit some-more one-sided, like a RealTouch, that allows users to correlate with porn.

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