Looks like a shoe, fits like a sock! – Yanko Design | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

Looks like a shoe, fits like a sock! – Yanko Design


The Adidas Primeknit array is here to hit head-on with Nike’s Flyknit. Last year, a sports shoe attention got a finish makeover with a Flyknit, boots that had a construction and a feel of a fabric sock. Rather than resorting to normal shoe-making techniques that concerned stamping out shapes from sheets of leather or rubber/polymer, a Flyknit only wove those shapes, ensuing in probably no waste, and a shoe that felt most some-more breathable/comfortable.

The Primeknit NMD Omega feels like a sock though looks like a rather clean-cut shoe. Unlike a Flyknit array that were done for mostly athletes, a NMD Omega is some-more of a conform statement. The fabric construction on tip along with a rather distinguished and singular outsole pattern are really eye-catching. Plus, with a friendly fit of a sock, a infrequent shoe only became gentle too!

Designer: Antoine Beynel








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