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Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Mouse for Mac review

REVIEW – we work from home.  On my table we have dual computers, one that’s personal and one that’s for work.  To keep my table as clutter-free as possible, these computers share a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.  we have a devise to revoke confusion even serve by stealing the switch selector that connects my keyboard and rodent to both computers and by replacing a connected keyboard and rodent with wireless ones.  Step one of my devise was to reinstate my Apple keyboard with iClever’s wireless keyboard, that we can review about in a prior REVIEW.  Step dual is to reinstate my Glorious Model D with a Logitech wireless mouse.

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What is it?

Logitech’s MX Anywhere 3 for Mac is a compact, wireless rodent that works with Macs and iPads and is designed to be used on a go.  It can stagger between 3 opposite sources during a press of a button.

What’s in a box?

  • Mouse
  • USB-C charging cable
  • One plaque for setup
  • One pattern for recycling a battery

Hardware specs

  • Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 x 1.3 inches
  • DPI:  200-4000
  • Connectivity:  Bluetooth
  • Buttons:  6 (left, right, middle, back, forward, circle mode)
  • Color: Pale gray, rose, or black
  • Battery:  Lithium polymer (500 mAh)
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Run time:  70 days

Design and features

The MX Anywhere has gentle, well-spoken lines that give it a seemly appearance.  The one we have is a dark gray in tone and has china accents down a core and underneath.  It has a customary left and right buttons, along with a corkscrew circle in a core that functions as a core rodent button.  It also has a core symbol usually subsequent a corkscrew circle and a tiny immature LED that indicates that a rodent is being charged.  Along a left side are dual buttons, that are some-more expected to be found on a low-end gaming rodent than on a general-purpose mouse.  Overall, it’s a pleasing movement of a standard design.

Installation and setup

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The MX arrived inside a tiny black box that was inside of a tiny white box.  It’s additional packaging, though Logitech’s website records that their box contains usually FSC-certified paper.  The box also enclosed a wire for charging and one plaque that could be called a discerning start beam usually if one were feeling unequivocally charitable.  There’s no manual, that is unfortunate, as a MX has a series of a facilities that could use some explanation.

The MX is a wireless gadget, so a initial thing we did was bond one finish of a USB-C charging wire to a nose of a rodent and a other finish to my Aukey Powerhub XL.  Logitech’s website says that it needs 3 hours to entirely charge, so we let it assign for a full duration.  It also says that it runs for 70 days on a singular charge, that is an amazingly prolonged time!  we don’t know possibly or not it lasts that long, as it exceeds a time we am allotted for contrast this gadget, though we do know that it never ran out of energy during a time I’ve been regulating it.  There’s no physical, visible approach to know how many assign is left, so we need to setup a calendar sign to assign it any month or two.

The second thing we did was follows a “instructions” on a plaque to bond it to my personal computer, a Mac mini.  we incited a rodent over and clicked a on/off switch to on.  we went to a Bluetooth row in System Preferences and done certain that Bluetooth was on.  we afterwards pulpy a tiny white turn Bluetooth source symbol until a initial tiny white LED was lit.  My Mac found it instantly, and we was means to sync it though any problems.  we steady this routine for my work computer, a 16-inch MacBookPro, regulating a second LED and for my iPad regulating a third.  Logitech has done joining to Apple inclination around Bluetooth to be discerning and painless.

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The third thing we did was go to Logitech’s website regulating the URL enclosed on a sticker.  It’s a general workflow designed to assistance me bond any Logitech rodent or keyboard to my computer.  As this routine repeats what’s already on a sticker, it wasn’t unequivocally of any help.  At a finish of a workflow, however, there was a couple to download Logitech’s Options software.


When we initial put my palm on a MX Anywhere, my evident sense was, “Wow!  This is a unequivocally tiny mouse.”  In a pattern above, we can see how many smaller a MX is than a Glorious Model D.  I wasn’t awaiting that, though as we review behind by their product page we find phrases like “for creators on a go,” “compact, low-profile design,” and “designed for ultimate mobility.”  In retrospect, we comprehend that we should not have been astounded during a tiny size.  As an average-size man with average-sized hands, that’s no approach that we can use this as my any day mouse.  we work in a area of program development, so we use my rodent for 8 hours a day, and afterwards we substantially use it for another hour or dual in a evenings for personal use.  we would have to scrunch adult my palm in a many unergonomic fashion, that would positively leave it unhappily cramped.  This begs a question, “Who accurately is this rodent for?”  we consider that there are several forms of people who would conclude its smaller size:

  • Anyone with smaller hands
  • Kids and teenagers
  • Anyone with a tiny table where distance is during a premium
  • Road warriors who wish their gadgets to be tiny and lightweight
  • Creators who are constantly roving between home, sites, cafes, and other places to do their work

Once COVID calms down, this would be a good rodent for those times when we need to transport to a bureau or to a sponsor’s site.  In a meantime, however, my mother indispensable a new rodent for her MacBookPro, so we gave it to her.  She loves it!  It’s a ideal distance for her hand.

Perhaps a many useful underline of a MX is that it can bond to 3 sources and stagger between them during a press of a button.  we found this underline to work flawlessly.  we could discern no conspicuous loiter when it away from one mechanism and reconnected to a next.  Similarly, there was no loiter when it awoke from sleep.  Logitech’s Bluetooth opening is stellar.  If there’s anything to be unfortunate about, it’s that we have to collect adult a mouse, flip it over, and press a symbol on a bottom.  To be fair, we don’t know where else they could have put this button; if they had put it on tip somewhere, we would substantially incidentally press it all a time.  If we need to frequently switch between computers, flipping a rodent over competence be annoying; it we usually spasmodic do so, it will fine.

Perhaps a many engaging underline of a MX is a corkscrew wheel.  Normally we wouldn’t consider twice about a mouse’s corkscrew wheel—it possibly works or it doesn’t—but a one on a MX has dual opposite modes, hyper corkscrew mode and ratchet mode.  When we initial started regulating a MX, it was in hyper corkscrew mode, that simply means that it can corkscrew unequivocally fast.  It’s easy to quick pierce by a website or a prolonged Word document.  Logitech’s website says that “MagSpeed electromagnetic scrolling is accurate adequate to stop on a pixel and quick adequate to corkscrew 1,000 lines in a second. Oh, and it’s scarcely silent. The wheel’s machined steel gives it reward tactility and a energetic sluggishness we feel — though don’t hear.”  In fact, if we collect adult a rodent and spin a corkscrew wheel, it will spin for 9 seconds; we unequivocally trust there’s some electromagnetic sorcery going on that gives a circle some flattering honeyed inertia.  While it’s positively loyal that hyper corkscrew mode is faster, we also found it to be a lot reduction accurate than what we want.  That’s where ratchet mode comes in!  When we press a tiny symbol usually subsequent a corkscrew wheel—this symbol is mostly used to switch a DPI environment for a mouse—it changes a mode.  In ratchet mode, it scrolls slower and some-more precisely, and there’s a slight clicking prodigy in a wheel.  we like ratchet mode a lot better, though we found myself switching between a two, depending on what I’m doing during a moment.

The sides of a MX Anywhere are done of silicone, creation it easy to keep a organisation hold on a mouse.  Logitech says that a tracker on a bottom works on a far-reaching accumulation of surfaces—this is a reason that “Anywhere” is in a name—and we found it worked equally good on my mousepad, a fake surface, and genuine wood.

Extra Features

The MX works out of a box though a need to implement any drivers or software; however, a Logitech Options software does yield a series of extra features.  Although this is a general program package that works with many Logitech products, it’s intelligent adequate to commend that a MX is connected and yield facilities specific to it.

Options starts by providing some useful explanations of a MX.

Remember how we mentioned formerly that a MX has dual buttons on a left side?  It turns out that they can be customized for several applications.  The installer rescued that we have some apps that can be customized, and it offering to set a pre-defined settings for them, that we accepted.

After a designation routine was completed, Options started and presented 3 tabs.  On a Mouse tab, Options provides a debate of accessible options.

On a Point Scroll tab, it provides:

  • The pointer speed (DPI) and scrolling speed
  • The corkscrew instruction and well-spoken scrolling
  • Horizontal corkscrew and corkscrew force
  • SmartShift and a sensitivity
  • Fixed corkscrew circle mode

Unfortunately, it’s not apparent what some of these facilities mean.  we still have no thought what SmartShift is all about.  These sum should be in a manual, a one that Logitech didn’t write.

In a Flow tab, we could capacitate Flow, a capability to send files from one mechanism to another; it sounds like Apple’s AirDrop to me.  As one of my connected computers is a work computer, we did not implement Options on my work mechanism or try to exam this feature.  Exfiltrating files from my work mechanism directly to my home mechanism sounds like a good approach to get fired.  If, however, we was regulating this underline with dual personal computers, it competence be handy.

When a More symbol is clicked, Options provides:

  • An choice to accept a presentation when a battery is low (I like this!)
  • The ability to send feedback to Logitech support if there are Bluetooth problems
  • A approach to backup my settings in Options, if we emanate a Logitech account
  • An choice to automatically keep Options updated
  • An choice to send analytic information to Logitech

In a All Application dump down, we can change a functionality for a buttons per any upheld application.  For example, for Safari a front symbol on a left can be set to 10 opposite options.

It appears that this functionality can be set for any application.  This partial of Options is unequivocally nice, and we adore a coherence it offers me.

What we like

  • Smooth, purify design
  • Great Bluetooth support, generally for switching between sources
  • Two corkscrew modes
  • Lots of coherence in Options

What I’d change

  • Include a primer that explains how to implement a rodent and what a several facilities are

Final thoughts

The Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Mouse for Mac is a compress rodent that is ideal for anyone who needs a smaller-sized rodent that can switch between mixed sources.  It has a good purify pattern and is easy to hold on a sides. The corkscrew circle can be practiced to be faster or some-more precise, whichever we prefer.  Logitech’s Options program provides a horde of settings that can be adjusted, and it even provides a ability to set a functionality of a behind and brazen buttons on a left side.  we like this rodent a lot; unfortunately, it’s too tiny for my hands as an bland mouse, so we wasn’t means to use it for step dual of my decluttering plan.  The happy finale is that it was a ideal distance for my wife, so she’s regulating it with her MacBookPro.  The usually change that we wish Logitech would make is to write a genuine manual, though as they residence many of this problem around a Options software, we still exuberantly suggest this rodent to you.

Price: $79.99
Where to buy:  Logitech or Amazon
Source: The representation for this review was supposing by Logitech.

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