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Logitech G915 Lightspeed wireless gaming keyboard review: as good to demeanour during as it is to diversion on

If there’s one square of hardware I’m not rushing to reinstate with a wireless alternative, it’s my gaming keyboard. The chunk of automatic switches strewn opposite my table needn’t pierce all that much, and a wireless gaming headset is distant aloft on a list of must-haves. But, observant that, with a attainment of a Logitech G915 Lightspeed I’m deliberation slicing a cord. Not since this keyboard is wire-free 99% of a time, though since it gets low-profile gaming usually right.

The responsibility of a Logitech G915 is wireless functionality, driven by a seamless Lightspeed record that likewise powers a Logitech G502 Lightspeed and Wireless G Pro gaming mice. This implementation, while not maybe a many necessary, is superb. It’s frequency efficient, merely latency free, and stretchable to your needs with twin wireless/Bluetooth connectivity.

You need usually demeanour to a battery life of a G915 to sign a potency of Lightspeed wireless. While battery life has been a rain of many a wireless tool over a years, a G915 requires usually semi-regular charging with a battery life strictly rated to 30 hours with per-key RGB enlightenment cranked all a approach adult to max. That should see we by a good few gaming sessions before it all fades to black. Or, in my experience, roughly 3 days of all-day RGB integrity in a office.

For us intentionally desktop gamers a advantages of a wireless keyboard are mostly cultured for a many part. But, boy, does my table demeanour good though wires cluttering adult a place. The G915 is another high pairing of brushed aluminium and pointed styling that is to be approaching from a pattern group that frequency puts a feet out of place.

The G915 enclosing measures usually 22mm thick and a initial keyboard to utilize a company’s latest automatic collaborative effort: a GL switch. Available in 3 flavours – Clicky, Tactile, and Linear – a new switch is designed alongside and built by switch conductor Kailh.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed specs

Logitech G915 Lightspeed
Form factor
Low-profile GL Switches
Switch type
Clicky, Linear, Tactile
RGB lighting


Battery life
30 hours (100% brightness)
Lightspeed (USB) / Bluetooth
Media controls

$250 (£210)

While a full-size switches are some of a many sundry and beguiling switches around, I’ve had some misgivings with low-profile switches Kailh has expelled over a years – utterly a pleasing choc switch used on a Hexgears X-1. Yet a new GL Clicky switches enclosed on a Logitech G915 are superb, and a pleasing depart from Romer-G.

The actuation indicate is ever-so-slightly above a informed click during 1.5mm, that lends itself to a unchanging and arguable keystroke, and not unconditionally separate to a full-size brethren. The sum transport stretch of 2.7mm is adequate to palliate any concerns over this keyboard feeling like it’s been ripped true out of a MacBook, too.

The 5 macro G keys on a left-hand side of a house should also assuage gamers unfortunate for macro genuine estate. Plus, these are spaced distant adequate divided from a categorical physique of keys to equivocate any pivotal confusion.

And a G915’s GL switches are noticeably quieter than some full-size clicky switches around – compared to Kailh’s Bronze switches these are many silent. While, of course, still noisier than many linear variants, a GL Clicky’s signature hubbub won’t arise adult a neighbours during a mad diversion or **** speak match, either.

And so a G915 feels truly automatic in each sense, and it avoids a pitfalls of flat, unshapely pivotal caps mostly used on low-profile play that can bushel unchanging typing. It’s easy on a hands and wrists too, nonetheless a wrist rest wouldn’t have left astray during this price.

Which brings us onto how many this keyboard will set we back – and it’s a doozy. The Logitech G915 costs $250 (£210), a cost tab positively ballooned by a Lightspeed wireless chops and code new bespoke switch design. But there is a solution. If wireless isn’t your speed, a G815 is a accurate same house connected adult for palliate of use, finished with a slight $50 bonus for your troubles. No doubt both play are still ultra-premium fare, though with usually an corner box to be done for wireless keyboard chops, a connected various could be a marginally some-more reasonable alternative.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed

The G915 isn’t though a organic flourishes, however. Sitting above a duty keys are full media controls with free-rolling volume composition to impersonate a smashing gigantic corkscrew circle of a G503, and there are 4 form hotkeys, diversion mode, brightness, Bluetooth, and Lightspeed shortcuts dirty along a tip row.

For some-more endless pattern a G915 hooks into a Logitech G software. This app was recently given a uninformed lick of paint and a simplified UI, and, finally, reflects a peculiarity of a product it controls. From here we can configure Lightsync (RGB lighting), set adult profiles per game, and exercise macros and animations as we see fit. It will also give we a heads-up if battery turn is using low.

Building a low-profile gaming keyboard fit to take on a best gaming keyboard plea is not usually a doubt of shred a small off a tip with a cutthroat razer. It takes so many some-more than that, and few are adult to a plea furnish anything as compact, comfortable, and gratifying to use as a Logitech G915 Lightspeed.

Somehow as good to demeanour during as it is to diversion on, and both totally matched to gaming as it is an bureau during slightest twice as veteran as a PCGN one, a G915 is utterly a keyboard chameleon. And with gaming now bridging all walks of life and no longer relegated to antiquated imagery of grubby basements and farfetched gamer style, this is a keyboard to compare – ideally matched to a mature marketplace that final piece and style. But, damn, if this isn’t also a clarification of champagne tastes.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Blending low-profile comfort and character with wireless performance, a Logitech G915 creates for a sublime, despite expensive, further to any gamer’s arsenal.

Jacob Ridley

Jacob Ridley

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