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LG V60 inclination on T-Mobile to get Android 11 refurbish tomorrow

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There are reports that LG V60 ThinQ will be receiving a latest Android 11 OS refurbish in a few days. 

This news comes from a Reddit user who common a screenshot of a review he had with a deputy from T-Mobile. And according to a conversation, a refurbish is approaching to hurl out starting Jan 22nd. Once this happens, a LG V60 ThinQ will be a initial LG smartphone to accept Android 11. 

In a past, LG primarily expelled a OS updates to inclination in South Korea. But it looks like US-based smartphones are initial on a list to accept a latest OS update. Apart from T-Mobile, Verizon-branded inclination will also be removing a upgrade. As sources reveal, Verizon published a V60 ThinQ’s heart source formula indicating out that Android 11 is adult to dual months divided from rolling out. 

Another report shows that T-Mobile already tested a final Android 11 build for a smartphone final Jan 13th. This build refers to a V600TM20a_00_00113 chronicle that succeeds a other dual versions that T-Mobile tested final Jan 6th and Dec 27th. 

As expected, a refurbish will be nearing in batches so it competence take a while before all V60 ThinQ inclination get updated to Android 11. But it substantially won’t take too prolonged before a refurbish comes.

Have we perceived a refurbish already?



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