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LG Optimus L7

The LG Optimus L7 is a reward choice within a Korean firm’s L-Style operation of smartphones. The L7 is a largest and has a best listed selection of a 3 handsets. More Google phone reviews.

The LG L3 is a bill charity during around £120 while a mid-ranged L5 is nonetheless to be launched. The L7 has a cost around £250.

LG Optimus L7: Design

LG‘s threesome of L-Style smartphones share a identical prosaic and block design. The shade is bordered by a black or white bezel and a chrome frame. The phone looks really identical to a aged Samsung Galaxy S II in size, figure and look. A earthy Home symbol has touch-sensitive Back and Menu buttons possibly side of it.

LG Optimus L7

Because of a 4.3in screen, a LG Optimus L7 is a vast phone measuring 67 x 126mm. But it’s also skinny during 8.8mm thick and a utterly light 125g – usually next likewise lightweight 130g HTC One X.

Turn a phone over and you’ll find a behind is one vast removable cosmetic cover, with a excellent textured finish that we’re not so penetrating on. The cover hides a removable battery, full-size SIM label container and and another for a microSD card. 

LG Optimus L7: Build quality

The LG L7 is a flattering good assembled smartphone, feeling plain in a hand. Buttons have a good movement to them. The phone flexes a tiny volume though not worringly so. 

We’re not penetrating on cosmetic removable back covers, and a LG L7’s is a flattering groundless example. However, it attaches to a phone securely, where it gains some-more rigidity.

LG Optimus L7: Hardware

The LG Optimus L7 might resemble a high-end smartphone though a cost tab – and inner components – advise otherwise. A demeanour over a selection piece starts to exhibit since this phone is on sale for half a cost of a smartphone leaders. 

Underneath a silken bombard is a 1GHz single-core Cortex-A5 and 512MB of memory – zero to get vehement about here. Our misgivings about a core spec were reflected in a Geekbench 2 test; a L7 managed a ashamed normal of 276 points opposite 3 tests, a lowest measure we’ve seen in this test. 

For comparison HTC’s bill One V scored 282 and Sony’s bill Xperia U scored 875. Even LG’s cheapest L3 scored 434 points with a 800MHz processor. 

The disproportion between LG models is that a L3 is regulating 2010’s Android 2.3, while a L7 is saddled with a some-more fatiguing Android 4.0 handling system. 

As is benchmark measure suggested, biased opening was not great. While a phone zoomed around a home screens though any difficulty we found it lagged in roughly any other area. When a shade changes to a app or menu we open there’s a check of a few seconds before a calm appears.

The under-specification continues with storage that is a measly 4GB. Our beating grew when we detected that usually 2.5GB of that was accessible to a user. The microSD label container is a satisfaction for fluctuating ability with an additional cost attached.

The L7’s vast 4.3in shade matches a Sony Xperia S and Nokia Lumia 900. The TFT arrangement has a fortitude of 480 x 800 giving a phone a middle-order pixel firmness of 217ppi.

The shade doesn’t demeanour bad, colour representation, observation angles and liughtness are all good though fact isn’t as frail and pointy as opposition handsets.

Remaining hardware consists of 11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, Micro-USB and a near-field communications (NFC) chip. The L7 also includes digital vital network fondness (DLNA) certification.

LG Optimus L7: Cameras

LG has propitious a Optimus L7 with dual-cameras. There’s a 5Mp camera with automobile concentration and an LED peep during a rear, and a 0.3Mp camera during a front.

We found a back camera to be rather strike and miss. To start, we found that a automobile concentration would not work properly. The initial design could be taken utterly fast though a phones spent some time estimate a picture thereafter before successive shots could be taken. 

LG L7 camera exam shot

Results were sundry and some-more mostly than not photos lacked fact and looked cleared out. Video can be shot during 640 x 480 fortitude – about good adequate to upload clips to YouTube or Facebook though small more.

The front-facing 0.3Mp camera doesn’t offer anything better. Its grainy video can work for webchats.

LG Optimus L7: Software 

Operating complement program on a L7 is a stream latest chronicle of Google Android, chronicle 4.0.3. This is accompanied by LG‘s Optimus UI 3.0 overlay.

The interface primarily seems fine. The close shade has shortcuts to 4 apps, and a notifications bar can be accessed. We favourite a approach a clear animation suggested a app or home shade underneath. 

Optimus UI 3.0 looks good with charming icons and wallpapers. There is easy entrance to new apps by holding down a Home button, and a notifications bar has settings for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Unfortunately a program doesn’t run really well. The processor can cope with relocating between home screens though once we start regulating a L7 for tangible tasks things start to go wrong.  

We found that with a few apps regulating a device would turn bogged down. It frequently reached a indicate where a length of a check done us doubt either a finger taps had been purebred during all.

The on-screen keyboard is excellent though not a best we’ve seen. The tip quarrel of keys has series modifiers though no others for any punctuation. Predictive content can suggests punctuation after any word when incited on though we found no primer means to puctuate. 

Web browsing was painfully delayed during times with a processor struggling to describe sites during any decent pace.

LG Optimus L7: Battery life

LG suggests a L7 has good battery life since of a 6.5Wh ability and a power-saving mode that manages energy consumption. This program automatically turns off power-draining functions, like Wi-Fi, and turns shade liughtness down when a battery reaches a certain turn selected by a user.

Despite this software, and notwithstanding a delayed single-core processor, a LG Optimus L7 usually managed to place itself into a one-day battery life category. 

This was a unsatisfactory outcome deliberation a company’s claims that it would final longer – and indeed a fact that we didn’t even use a phone quite heavily. You’ll need to assign this smartphone any night, if not earlier.

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