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Leaked inner request reveals critical Sprint shutdown dates

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When T-Mobile initial suggested a skeleton to squeeze Sprint, many couldn’t help though consternation what it would meant for Sprint and a subscribers. People knew it was usually a matter of time before T-Mo would eventually close down a code and assume a existent subscribers. Thanks to a leaked document, it looks like we’re finally removing some dates. 

As common by a report, an inner screenshot reveals T-Mobile’s skeleton to close down Sprint’s LTE network on Jun 30, 2022. This is opposite from a reliable Sprint 3G CDMA shutdown date of Jan 1, 2022. 

But it looks like this is not all that T-Mobile is shutting down. The request also confirms reports that T-Mobile will be shutting down a possess 3G UMTS in Oct 2021 and a 2G GSM in Dec 2022. Prior to this leaked screenshot, there was a news that T-Mo could close down a 3G UMTS network in Apr 2022. But a Un-Carrier might have done some revisions to this decision.  

The leaked request is indeed for employees to perspective and know how to respond to a queries of their customers. It also reveals critical information on how to send a information to business and how to help them ascent their devices. According to a Reddit post, T-Mobile has already sent out letters to influenced business to surprise them of a arriving changes to their service. 


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