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Latest Droid Bionic Photos Show Off Potential Battery Life

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Earlier currently we showed we a first genuine video of a Motorola Droid Bionic, a video that showed off a arriving phone’s 4G LTE speeds, a foot animation and a glance during a MotoBlur software. And now, only a brief time after that leak, we have some some-more photos that have leaked out pleasantness of Droid-Life.

I comprehend there has been an avalanche of photos of a Droid Bionic lately, though these, good these are flattering overwhelming since they uncover off something that we consider many of we meditative about removing a phone are endangered about.

The phone’s battery life.

Droid Bionic

Now, we had heard that it was good though we unequivocally had no explanation to behind it up. And these photos give us a small glance during what to expect. In 3 hours, a phone has forsaken down to 90% life. It looks like a phone was hardly used though during a really least, this is explanation that a phone is not going to arrive with inauspicious battery issues.

Droid Bionic

We also can see that a phone is using Android 2.3.4 and we also get a discerning small glance during a phone’s mobile hotspot application. Still, a battery life is a categorical thing here and I’m vehement to see that it’s expected going to reason up.

Droid Bionic

An proclamation has got to be entrance soon, right?

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