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Latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update Makes My Phone Melt Like… Well …


While some Motorola customers are dissapoint that they can’t refurbish their phones to a second newest chronicle of a Android handling system, Ice Cream Sandwich, Elise wishes that she hadn’t. The newest complement and OS upgrades are creation her Droid Bionic run hot. Really hot. She sent along some photos of how a phone seems to be melting itself.

 There have been dual updates they’ve sent through–a complement refurbish and a latest Ice Cream Sandwich update–that have caused a battery in my phone to run during 114+ degrees.  This has resulted in a melting of a interior of a phone.  I have trustworthy cinema of a many manifest repairs to my Droid Bionic; however, a camera was not means to sufficient uncover a divots and froth in a battery itself caused by a heat.  The bottom of a phone also has some melting, nonetheless it’s not as impassioned as a top partial of a phone (especially around a camera!) and a battery itself.



Motorola does not seem to wish to do anything about this.  I’ve contacted them and Motorola Support around twitter, and even sent a picture.  They have nonetheless to respond in any estimable way–the usually we have perceived as of now was from Motorola revelation me to twitter Motorola Support, and that’s it.

It sounds like it’s time to escalate. Elise can try giving a company’s executive offices a call – their series is 1-847-576-5000.

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