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Kies indispensable for AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note ICS refurbish today

Almost a week ago we reported that ATT owners of a Samsung Galaxy Note were still watchful for a Android 4.0 ICS refurbish nonetheless ICS was permitted for a general various of a phone. We now have news that a ICS refurbish for a ATT Samsung Galaxy Note starts today, Jul 10, and we will need to entrance it by Kies program on your desktop.

Plenty of Galaxy Note users on ATT have been watchful energetically for a ICS refurbish as shown in comments to a previous article where we discussed that it still hadn’t arrived for ATT yet also told how there had been some problems with a refurbish in France. At that time we had listened that a ICS refurbish would be entrance to a Galaxy Note on Rogers on Jul 21 and hoped that meant it would also shortly be entrance to ATT. Thankfully it looks as yet it has arrived earlier rather than later.

News that a ICS 4.0.4 refurbish for a ATT Galaxy Note starts from currently came to us from Android Community who also tell how this is not an OTA refurbish yet permitted by Kies. They have given a extensive hands-on demeanour during a changes that will come to a Galaxy Note with ICS and also Samsung’s Premium Suite and there are many improvements and enhancements that Note users will notice. The refurbish will capacitate a NFC and Android Beam functions to be activated and users will be means to pull contacts, browser Web pages and Google Maps addresses directly to and from their devices. Also a prolonged press on a Home Button will activate Recent Apps.

Other changes are that Face Unlock has been activated and Data Usage monitoring is now upgraded. S-Note upgrades embody new Productivity Tools for operative with a S-Note app. Those are Formula Match, Shape Match, Handwriting-to-text and Knowledge Search and we can review some-more about any of these facilities during a Android Community couple above along with many of a other changes. We’ve also embedded a Slash Gear video next this story that shows a Premium Suite program ascent on a Galaxy Note.

For those of we meddlesome in benchmarks, some formula from a new build are also shown on a Android Community news related to above. The benchmarks uncover that in instances where energy has depressed it has not been by most during all, conjunction is there any poignant boost in power. If you’re anticipating to refurbish to ICS remember to behind adult your information initial and to entirely assign your battery before we start.

We know that many ATT owners of a Galaxy Note will be unequivocally gratified during a news that a ICS refurbish is starting from today. Therefore we’d unequivocally like to hear from readers about either we have accessed a refurbish routine or not and if so, either all has left uniformly with Kies? Let us have your comments.

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