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KEPCO to horde chief seminar

Kim Joong-kyum
Korea Electric Power Corporation Chairman
By Yoon Ja-young

The many renouned mobile follower use in a country, Kakao Talk, recently put a IT attention on warning by announcing that it has 42 million subscribers. It has turn a contingency have focus for smartphone users here, as a consult showed 7 out of 10 people pronounced they wouldn’t buy a smartphone unless it upheld Kakao Talk.

Its expansion is sour for many, generally mobile carriers that courtesy a use as giveaway roving on their networks and eating into boost from content summary services. It seems mobile follower services will eventually surrogate content messages and now, mobile carriers as good as handset manufacturers, portals and focus developers are scheming a opposite attack.

Kakao Talk is a “mobile follower of everyone” here. Most of a subscribers, or over 33 million, are Koreans, followed by users in Japan and a United States. Since a launch in 2010 March, Kakao has noted bomb expansion amid invasion by intelligent devices. The attention estimates that subscribers could strech around 80 million by a finish of this year.

Kakao Talk users sell 2.6 billion messages a day, that means 56 billion won value of content messages, a good income source for mobile carriers, is lost.

Other mobile follower services have also have been expanding nonetheless they loiter distant behind in terms of numbers. Tic Toc has managed to attract 13 million users in 7 months given rising interjection to a rival corner in speed, and Nateon UC by SK Communications, that operates Cyworld, cumulative 12 million users by joining with a Cyworld Minihompy service. My People, a mobile follower use by Daum, one of a country’s heading portals, has also been receiving a auspicious greeting by providing giveaway voice calls. The country’s tip portal Naver has seen a follower use Line record 20 million downloads in 8 months given launching.

Though reluctantly, carriers have launched follower applications in response, including KT’s Olleh Talk and “Wagle” from LG Uplus. These have, however, unsuccessful to pull substantial numbers of people.

Unable to equivocate traffic with Kakao, SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus began to take bolder steps. They announced skeleton to rise Joyn, an integrated mobile follower use by that subscribers of a 3 mobile carriers, that means all mobile users here, will be means to sell content messages. The use is to be tellurian as vital mobile carriers abroad will also attend in a service. They design it to have a rival corner over other summary services as it is expected to be installed on a handset as default.

Manufacturers are also rising mobile messengers such as Samsung’s Chat On or and LG Electronics’ Link Social.

“The first-comer advantage is a many essential in this kind of service. When all your friends are regulating Kakao Talk, we have no choice though to join them,” an attention researcher said. But he combined that mobile carriers can design to boost users as their height is to be preloaded on a handset.

Mobile messengers, even Kakao, haven’t set adult good distinction indication nonetheless solely for advertisements. In a intelligent era, follower services are something no attention actor can ignore. Right now, only being in a diversion matters a many and distinction models can be set later.

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