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Keeping Unlimited Data (sticky please!)

So my family devise is still a comparison style, we have a GNex with Unlimited, Mom has a dumbphone, hermit has a dumbphone, and his mother has a Charge with 2Gb+2Gb of information *from a double your information promo.

I really, unequivocally wish a Note 2 given accepting with my Nexus is kind of crap and it’s causing foolish battery empty everywhere on 3G or 4G where previously, my Bionic had no issues during all. Wifi helps though isn’t a miraculous jump given we am removing 1.5-2 Hrs on-screen with a Seidio 3800 with Wifi and cranking down to 3G when needed.

Nobody is due for an upgrade, so that’s out. we am meddlesome in adding a new line with a Note2 with a 2Gb information plan, afterwards swapping it out for a flip phone we have fibbing around to dump it to a $9.99 a month line for a 5th line on a family plan. The phone would be given to someone who needs a texting/calling device though not a smartphone. Obviously afterwards activating a Note on my line with total and putting a Nexus in a box til we have a flash-a-holic need of some sort. It seems flattering true brazen like #3 in your post. The device would get used, and it works out good for me. we talked on a phone with a use repute a few days ago and was sensitive that I’d be charged an ETF no matter what in that scenario.

Lastly, would we have to do it during a Verizon corporate sell store, or could we do it during a re-seller or third-party section trebuchet store like Wal-Mart?

I figure given Wal-Mart and re-sellers have a opposite kind of agreement with VZW that it expected won’t work there, though given we have no submit from anyone that works there, we seen your thread and suspicion it would be a good approach to find out if we was lied to over a phone.

EDIT: I went in to a corporate store and did this after a walmart associate told me they didn’t have a colourless Note 2. Got it and all has been fine.

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