John R. Pulliam: Don’t be outsmarted by your smartphon – Galesburg Register | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

John R. Pulliam: Don’t be outsmarted by your smartphon – Galesburg Register

John R. Pulliam

“Business Notebook” — we now know because a new era of cellphones are famous as smartphones, interjection to Verizon. You have to be unequivocally intelligent to use them.

Rebecca Eckhart, an comment executive in open relations, organised for me to use a Droid Bionic for a few days, afterwards attend one of a company’s giveaway workshops during a corporate store in Seminary Square. U.S. Cellular, also in Seminary Square, offers giveaway workshops, as well.

I have a cellphone now that is somewhere between a elementary indication and a smartphone. we can get on a Internet with it, we have a VZ Navigator app, that works like a GPS, but, with a difference of creation calls and texting, it is not generally user friendly.

Those of we who consider if a phone works good for creation phone calls afterwards that should be excellent are not in balance with a concept. A smartphone is some-more like a handheld mechanism than a telephone. In fact, while we schooled lots of things during a workshop, from how to implement and uninstall apps, how to set adult your email account, to how to change a ring tones, we never talked about how to use a phone to make a call. Now that we know what a several icons meant and how to lift them up, we consider that is sincerely simple, yet it shows that many buyers are usually as meddlesome in games, amicable networking, information, etc., as creation phone calls.

I should supplement that many people go into a store initial and are given a proof of a phone, buy one, afterwards attend a workshop. Maybe that’s when they uncover we how to make phone calls?

It was engaging that, distinct what some competence think, a seminar was not done adult of a organisation of 20-somethings or even 30-somethings. Most of a people there were center aged or immature seniors. The computer/smartphone bug has bitten people who substantially never dreamed they would be seeking what a widget is. Of course, with a correct pathogen protection, that “bug” will not mistreat we or your phone.

During a workshop, people were fervent to learn things — now. Someone would overhear another chairman ask a doubt and immediately ask, “How do we do that?” The instructor would patiently contend she would get to that. The indicate underline and banking apps seemed to be of sole seductiveness to those in attendance. we am happy to contend we figured out how to implement a continue underline on “my” phone as a instructor was operative with other “students.”

Anyone who enjoys regulating a mechanism will suffer a smartphone, yet it’s apparent they are some-more expensive. My rather prosaic, by now outdated, phone has a prolonged battery life. Smartphones, during slightest a ones used during a workshop, empty batteries like electronic vampires. Part of a seminar was training settings to safety battery life and a one sales representation consisted mostly of opposite forms of automobile chargers, unstable chargers, etc., as good as batteries in sequence to lift one usually in box yours goes passed on a cold, snowy night somewhere between here and a Quad Cities.

I consider I’m intelligent adequate to possess a smartphone, nonetheless we adore a keyboard on my stream phone — we do a lot of texting — so we don’t consider I’ll make a pierce yet. (One lady during a seminar had a smartphone with a genuine keyboard, though. Hmmm. Otherwise, we have to use practical keyboards.)

Maybe if I’m patient, Santa will move me a 4G phone, commissioned with apps, subsequent Christmas. we gamble those GPS facilities unequivocally assistance a ridicule male in red as he creates his rounds on Christmas Eve.


Thanks to Ted Lambasio of Lambasio Inc. for a news that Intellihot tankless H2O heaters are being commissioned during a series of Galesburg businesses and other buildings.

Intellihot, that non-stop in a Sustainable Business Center in May, is a usually U.S. manufacturer of tankless H2O heaters. The eco-friendly inclination are tiny units that hang on a wall. Two of a new H2O heaters were put in during Applebee’s on Tuesday. Lambasio pronounced a $1,200 remission from Ameren for any one has helped fuel a seductiveness in a H2O heaters. He pronounced huge, emasculate models are being private and a Intellihot heaters put in their place. Intellihot H2O heaters also were commissioned final week during a Landmark Cafe Creperie, 62 S. Seminary St.

According to Lambasio, one of a H2O heaters is headed for a internal doctor’s office. The H2O heaters also are sole for residential use.

John R. Pulliam is business contributor during The Register-Mail. Contact him during 343-7181, ext. 215, or

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