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Jigxels are for people who wish something some-more severe than LEGO bricks

If you’ve ever seen a product built regulating LEGO blocks, or played Minecraft, we know that a cuboid forms a really essential partial of a construction. Structures tend to demeanour pixelated since you’re layering retard on block, combining actual, 3 dimensional pixels in an X, Y, and Z axis. Jigxels are building blocks too… though they’re zero like a LEGO.

Rather than a pixel-based construction method, Jigxels rest on formulating forms by wire-frames. Comprising 3 tools that form a heart of each Jigxel model, Jigxels come together to form shapes that demeanour vastly opposite from ones you’d see done from LEGO, and roughly allied to a kind you’d see done from Meccano.

Jigxels come in 3 ‘block’ types. Two linear blocks of varying sizes, and a Y-block, that allows we to bifurcate your designs and supplement variety. The patent-pending blocks also interlock regulating a certain and disastrous toothed-gear figure that allows we to interlock particular pieces during opposite angles, formulating singly formidable structures that demeanour impossibly engaging and interesting! The inlet of Jigxels explain a really engaging pattern cultured to a structures we create, while giving we an uncompromising, vast proceed of being means to join dual or some-more pieces during mixed angles to make engaging structures! Patent-pending Jigxels come done from an FDA-approved non-toxic surgical class PolyCarbonate polymer, in a box set of 240 pieces that are certain to let your imagination ramble wild!

Designer: Ali Aboud

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About Jigxels

Jigxels are singular patent tentative multi-angle interlocking building blocks. A initial to market, Jigxels are combined by endowment winning architects for all designers and innovators to emanate formidable and never seen before structures positively not probable with a normal building retard systems.

Beautiful Structures

With Jigxels singular 30-degrees incremental public system, we are means to emanate perplexing and organic constructional combinations for your robotic, architectural and artistic projects.

Superior Quality

Jigxels interlocking building blocks are done with 100% FDA authorized non-toxic surgical class high peculiarity polycarbonate polymer so we can be certain it is protected to use for all family members.

Endless Fun for a Entire Family

Each Jigxels bag comes with a set of 240pc of pristine fun and creativity time for all family member ages 4 and up.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.95

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