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Jawbone’s Next Frontier: Improving Your Health

Jawbone, a wireless tool builder famous for a headsets and some-more recently a speakers, is relocating into a new area: health. On Wednesday, a association announced UP, a bracelet that connects to a mobile app to guard your diet, nap and practice and make actionable recommendations.

The association is being decorous on a sum of a product, that will launch after this year, yet Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman sat down with Mashable during TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland to plead a prophesy behind UP.

Rahman records a event is mostly a outcome of today’s lifestyles, with diseases that we minister to causing (like diabetes and heart disease) now occurring with some-more rule than catching diseases (at slightest in a U.S.). The solution, he says, needs to be something that seamlessly integrates into a bustling lives. “You have to make it easy. we need something that works in a context of my lifestyle and tells me what to do,” he said.

To that end, a UP bracelet will automatically lane your nap patterns, movements and nourishment and yield that information to an app that in spin monitors and creates recommendations for improving your health. The initial version, however, will need we to insert your bracelet to your phone to send data.

There will also be some amicable hooks. “To me this is a torpedo app for amicable since if we demeanour during a proclivity statistics, we get encouraged and demotivated by a people around us,” Rahman said.

From a description, UP appears to be a aspirant to inclination like a FitBit, yet it would seem a device’s form cause — a wristband we put on, wear 24×7 and forget about — as a differentiator. Rahman said, “[I’m] not super informed with a lot of those products. Our concentration [is] how do we get something that someone will always be on and use … not try to reinstate their watch or change behavior.”

The association will have a large warchest with that to go after a health market. Earlier in a week, Jawbone announced a uninformed $70 million turn of appropriation from JP Morgan, bringing a Jawbone’s sum appropriation to $170 million.

Image pleasantness of James Duncan Davidson / TED

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