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Is Samsung prepared to supplement voice job to their ChatON service?

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Several years ago, in an try to save some money, a integrate of developers wrote a cranky height messaging focus called WhatsApp. To contend it’s taken a universe by assign would be an understatement. Now in box you’re one of a few people don’t know what WhatsApp is, here’s a simple idea: Operators assign too many for content messaging, so let’s all implement an focus on a phones that will send messages regulating mobile data. And instead of regulating a username and a cue to substantiate ourselves, let’s usually use a phone numbers. That’s it. There have been mixed clones given then, many particularly Viber. Apple’s got iMessage, yet that usually works on their device.

Samsung, who saw all this happening, motionless to enter a space too with something called ChatON. Like WhatsApp, it works on mixed platforms. Like WhatsApp, it helps people equivocate profitable SMS/MMS fees. But what about voice? According to a Czech site SamsungMania, Samsung is going to launch an updated chronicle of ChatON called ChatONV; a “V” apparently representing a further of voice chat. The device we see graphic above, that has ChatONV installed, is curiously the Samsung Galaxy Camera. We contend extraordinary given it doesn’t have a required hardware to support phone calls. The Galaxy Camera has a SIM container though, so is Samsung anticipating people will use ChatONV regulating a wired/wireless headset?

The biggest doubt on a minds is how are operators going to conflict to this app? ATT, Verizon, Vodafone, and other wireless telcos, they all count on charging we by a notation to stay alive. Data revenues are surging interjection to a increasing recognition of smartphones, there’s no denying that, yet “traditional” services still minister a poignant volume of revenue.

Expect to hear an central proclamation about this soon, presumption Samsung doesn’t kill it.




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