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Is a blogger a journalist? Good question

SouthtownStar editorial

January 20, 2012 7:10PM

Updated: January 20, 2012 7:10PM

Is a blogger a journalist, and does it make any difference?

We trust we should caring since that clarification could have elemental effects on a upsurge of information.

A Cook County decider has landed in a center of this doubt by statute that a California record blogger is not a publisher and therefore can't explain insurance underneath a California and Illinois defense laws about divulgence his sources. It’s a tough visualisation call since there are current arguments on both sides., a 3-year-old website, claims to have about a million readers a month. It published images in Aug taken from a user’s beam for a Droid Bionic before a smartphone went on sale.

A reputed insider spilled a beans, and a printer for Motorola was not happy. So it sued, perfectionist to know a source of a leak. TechnoBuffalo resisted, arguing that it was edition news and was stable underneath a publisher defense laws.

Is it protected? We’re not certain it should be, though a emanate stays unsettled as both a informative and authorised matter.

At some point, state legislatures or a high appeals justice will have to set new rules. But until then, denizens of a ghastly Internet realms will continue crashing into aged manners that seem obsolete.

To pledge that normal media outlets, maybe even websites, can news fully, a defense law says they don’t have to exhibit sources of information. Without a protection, many sources would not exhibit important, tip or supportive information since they could be identified.

The Constitution generally sides with a upsurge of information over gripping secrets. Without protection, whistle-blowers get dismissed or worse. Too many secrets make for a sealed society.

Is TechnoBuffalo a genuine news operation? If so, are all blogs? Anyone can start a blog, no matter how ignorant or irresponsible. Do they all merit shield-law protection? Until that emanate is resolved, a First Amendment has strike a speed strike in Illinois.

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