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Is 2012 a year of Samsung and HTC?

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In 2011, we had a array of really hyped-up inclination though fewer that were indeed a hit. The apparent vital success story of 2012 was a Samsung Galaxy S II, notwithstanding holding distant too prolonged to strike a US. One apparent destroy story was a Motorola Droid Bionic. Another apparent destroy story was all of HTC via a year. They had a integrate decent phones though they had distant too many common or bad phones as well. (However, one thing to give them vital props on is their HTC Dev Team due to their swell in unlocking bootloaders.)

Now that 2011 is over, 2012 presents an event for manufacturers to clean a line-up and start all over. HTC is embracing this event most some-more strongly than a other manufacturers and their HTC One X phone (and a whole HTC One series) is justification of this. The HTC One X has been removing some extraordinary reviews. In fact, a final time we saw such an overwhelmingly certain accepting to a phone’s launch was with a Samsung Galaxy S II – what could sincerely simply be deliberate a best phone of 2011 (I’m deliberation my dear Galaxy Nexus as an offshoot/refresh of a Galaxy S II).

However, as good as this HTC One X pushing has been, there has still been a shade appearing over it interjection to Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Not a lot is famous about a Galaxy S III though a lot is speculated and rumored about it and it really good might be a phone that beats out a HTC One X ever-so-slightly and take a climax as a best device of 2012.

But that’s not what we’re here to speak about today. This is not about a One X contra a Galaxy S III. Any approach we put it, these dual phones will be definitely extraordinary devices! What we’re here about is moreso HTC and Samsung contra all of a other manufacturers. Does anybody else have any phones entrance adult that you’re vehement about? Has anybody else expelled any phones nonetheless in 2012 that we caring about?

Chime in and let us know what we think. Is 2012 going to be totally dominated by HTC and Samsung where we see all other manufacturers’ phones apropos second-class adults in a competition for a best superphone? Or are a other manufacturers going to come out with some equally-amazing (and successful) devices?

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