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iPhone, Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, HTC Inspire, Droid Bionic & HTC EVO 4G Top Sellers

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In credentials for CES, NPD sent out some engaging contribution about smartphones for 2011.  Their formula uncover that many of a reduction costly smartphones, expelled as late as tumble 2010 were still doing good in Oct and November.

Samsung, HTC and Motorola any have during slightest 1 smartphone indication in a tip 10. Nine of a tip 10 models are smartphones with a LG Revere being a usually simple phone model in a tip 10.

The NPD list for Oct and Nov mirrors some of a winners Wireless and Mobile News found in a reviews of a top smartphones of 2011.

1-3. iPhone 4S, 4 3GS – The best facilities of a iPhone 4S are a faster performance, glorious camera and pleasing touchscreen.  The reduction adored facilities are we can usually upload video in 1080p and Siri is not always accurate. BUY.

4. Samsung Galaxy S 4G – Reviewers found many pleasing facilities of a Samsung Galaxy S 4G and were tender by a pleasing Super AMOLED touchscreen, quick 4G information speeds, interesting media, prolonged battery life and glorious call quality.  Available from T-Mobile for $99.99 or from Amazon for .01 cent for new business or $49.99 for renewing customers.

5. Samsung Galaxy S II – The Galaxy S II regularly was ranked tip by reviewer after reviewer.  It received tip scores for a super AMOLED 4.5″ touchscreen, quick 4G network, cameras, phone functions and media capabilities. BUY.

6. HTC Inspire 4G –  Reviewers all concluded that it is a good value for super high-end facilities that opposition a iPhone in some aspects. BUY.

7. Droid Bionic -WMNS RoR reviewers of a Droid Bionic all concluded that it is a fastest smartphone on a Verizon network and gave it a respect of Editors’ Choice.  Online tradesman Amazon is offered a Droid Bionic for $49.99 for new business with a agreement or $179.99 for renewing customers.

8. HTC EVO 4G – HTC EVO 4G reviewers call a Android super phone, “everything a geek could dream of,” “a pleasing and absolute window to a world,” and a touchscreen “mesmerizing. BUY.

9. Samsung Epic 4G – Reviewers of a Samsung Epic 4G raved about a pleasing Super AMOLED touchscreen, vast comfy 5-row keyboard, pretentious media features, quick processor and super quick WiMAX information connections.

10. LG Revere – The LG Revere is a giveaway basic phone from Verizon Wireless.

Slightly over 50% of phone buyers owned their prior phone for 2 years or less.

Nearly 1/3 of phone buyers owned their prior phone between 2 and 3 years.

Smartphones continue to grow,accounting for 2 of each 3 handsets sole in October/November 2011, adult from 50% in Q4 2010.

RIM’s share of smartphone sales forsaken from over 20% in Q3 2010 to usually 6% in October/November 2011.

iPhones dominated handset sales in Oct and Nov with a launch of a iPhone 4S.

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