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iPad owns 96% of craving marketplace and iPhone share climbs to 53%, investigate finds

Enterprise mobile businessman Good Technology published a new investigate on Thursday divulgence iOS’s large marketplace share in a corporate world. The iPad accounted for 96% of all tablets in a fourth entertain according to a firm, while a iPhone accounted for 53% of all smartphones activated by some-more than 2,000 companies regulating Good’s services in a fourth quarter. Good provides pull messaging, device government and confidence products for corporate mobile users, competing opposite RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The association supports Windows Mobile, Symbian, iOS and Android. Apple’s iOS height rose from 65% to 71% of Good’s business in a fourth quarter, and a iPhone 4S led a way, accounting for 31% of all smartphone models. The tip Android device was Samsung’s Galaxy S II, and both Windows Phone and Symbian were pushed out of a top-10 final quarter. Half of Fortune 100 companies use Good’s services, with usually over a third of all mobile device activations done by a financial services industry. Good’s full press recover follows below.

iPhone 4S Activations Surge While Android Activations Remain Steady in Q4 2011: Results Detailed in Good Technology’s Q4 2011 Data Report

Analysis of Mobile Devices Activated by Good Technology’s Enterprise Customers Over a Final Quarter of 2011 Illustrated in New Data Report Released Today

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Good Technology (http://www.good.com), a streamer provider of secure, managed craving mobility for a operation of mobile devices, currently expelled a quarterly information news for a final entertain of 2011. The news sum smartphone and inscription inclination activated among a craving customers, that embody half of a Fortune 100. The full report, that looks during calendar Q4, 2011, can be downloaded www.good.com/resources/Good_Data_Q4_2011.pdf.

Tablets were a story for many of 2011, though a mid-October recover of a iPhone 4S caused smartphone activations among Good’s business to skyrocket. In a tip 10 craving activations by device type, a iPhone 4S clinched a #1 mark in Q4, followed by a iPhone 4 during #2 and a iPad 2 during #3. Android grew usually in comprehensive terms and accounted for 35 percent of smartphone activations, though usually 6 percent of inscription activations. The Samsung Galaxy SII was a tip Android device during #6, followed by a Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid 3, Sprint EVO 4G (Q3′s many renouned Android device), and Motorola Droid X2.

“As we expected, iPhone activations slowed in Q3 in expectation of a iPhone 4S and afterwards jumped significantly immediately after a launch, with 31 percent of Q4 activations entrance from that device alone,” said John Herrema, Good Technology’s SVP Corporate Strategy. “Android continues to be driven by smartphone activations and we design to see continued Android expansion in 2012 as Good’s business continue to ramp adult their BYOD programs.”

Key commentary from Good Technology’s Q4 2011 Data Report include:

  • Good’s craving finish users are display transparent welfare for Apple products, generally in a inscription category. Collectively, iOS inclination accounted for over 70 percent of all activations in Q4, roughly a same as Q3 2011.
  • Apple dominated in a inscription market, with a iPad and iPad 2 accounting for 94 percent of sum inscription activations in Q4 2011. This compares to 6 percent for Android tablets, where a Samsung Galaxy Tab has consistently been a many renouned Android inscription among Good’s users.
  • Among a tip 10 attention verticals, financial services continued to see a top turn of iPad activation, accounting for 42 percent for a entertain – roughly 4 times a volume of mobile inclination as any other industry.
  • iPads were activated many in 3 industries: Financial Services, Business/Professional Services and Life Sciences.
  • Despite Android’s altogether marketplace share expansion and solid comprehensive expansion among Good’s customers, usually 35 percent of all Good smartphone activations were on Android, compared to iPhone’s 65 percent.
  • There is no transparent handset personality in a Android smartphone market, however 4G models such as a Samsung Galaxy S ll, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid 3, Sprint EVo 4G (Q3′s many renouned Android device) and Motorola Droid X2 done this quarter’s Top 10 list.

Looking forward to Q1 and Q2 2012, Good Technology expects to see a identical settlement where iPad and iPad 2 activations delayed streamer into March, when a iPad 3 is rumored to launched, followed by a strike when a iPad 3 is released. If prior patterns hold, Good also expects Android smartphone activations to boost on a relations basement in Q1 and Q2 as a evident impact of a iPhone 4S lessens, and as BYOD programs increasingly turn a normal among Good’s customers. As Good reported in Nov 2011, over 70 percent of a largest business already support BYOD and another 19 percent indicated they were possibly considering, or had specific skeleton to support BYOD within a subsequent 6-12 months.

For some-more information on Good Technology or to perspective all of its quarterly data reports and BYOD information report, greatfully visit www.good.com.

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