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iPad 2 3G and Wi-Fi models torn down and compared

Back in March, we reported on the tear-down of the WiFi version of the iPad 2 by our friends at iFixit. One thing you can definitely say about those guys is that they are thorough, which explains why they have now gone ahead and torn down the iPad 2 3G models as well.

One obvious difference between the ATT and Verizon models is the requirement for ATT’s to support a microSIM slot, located in the upper left corner of the iPad 3G. Since Verizon Wireless’ CDMA model doesn’t use a SIM card, there is an empty space in the outer case above the WWAN board. Here are the three models compared, GSM is on top, CDMA is in the middle, and the WiFi is on the bottom. .

iFixit also compared the antennas between the Wi-Fi and two 3G models of the iPad 2. The Verizon Wireless model was found to have an additional antenna, similar to the configuration of the Verizon iPhone 4. In both 3G models of the iPad 2, a black plastic WWAN antenna window can also be seen along the top edge of the case where the WiFi model which has solid aluminum. Speaking of WWAN and the WWAN board, if yours blows up you’ll have to make do with just WiFi because the board is permanently attached to the logic board and not is user replaceable.

Both 3G models of the iPad 2 share the same chips which provide 3G connectivity. These same chips can also be found in the Verizon iPhone 4. One chip that provides a GPS receiver to the iPad 2, the Broadcom BCM4751, is actually an upgrade from the GPS receiver found in the iPhone 4 (BCM4750).

Read more at iFixit.

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