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[International Giveaway] Win A Pair Of Nocs NS2 V2 Wireless Speakers Or …

Today we’re teaming adult with Nocs for a sound-tacular giveaway of dual products we reviewed and utterly favourite – a Nocs NS2 Air Monitors V2 wireless speakers (MSRP $399), and the NS500 Aluminum earbuds with 3-button remote (MSRP $89).

nexus2cee_DSC05323 nexus2cee_DSC05315

The Nocs NS2 are substantially a smartest set of wireless speakers on a planet. They support Bluetooth 3.0, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect – definition you’ll have no difficulty anticipating a wireless tool in your residence to control them with. With a rise outlay of 80W and fealty that’s on standard with a little studio monitors they resemble, a NS2s aren’t your normal set of wireless speakers.

Then, there’s a NS500 Aluminum – a well-priced, great-sounding set of reward earbuds. Not usually are they neat and understated, they’re only so damn comfortable. Nocs creates earbuds that we find fit in my ears improved than any other manufacturer out there, partly since they’re so light, though also since a little distance means they say an glorious sign even as we shove them around while walking. They’re my favorite transport earbuds, hands down.

So, as we can tell, these are dual products we legitimately like, and we’re giving divided both of them. One set of a NS2 V2 monitors, and one set of a NS500s.

This competition is open to all countries, and we can enter regulating a Rafflecopter widget below.

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