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Interesting Apps: A Better Camera


Sometimes when you’re holding photos or videos, a batch camera app usually doesn’t cut it. Perhaps we need a histogram. Maybe we could use faster detonate shot. Populating Google Play is a myriad of third-party apps to fill whatever the need, but some are well-executed adequate to aver special mention. The aptly named A Better Camera is one of those.

Its elementary cultured – big, blocky black and content – is unassumingly utilitarian. But in terms of features, A Better Camera is a opposite: ripping during a practical seams. In further to standbys like overlayable grids and tractable exposure, focus, flash, and white balance, it facilities support for RAW and a Android camera2 API on name inclination (currently a Nexus 5), timelapse videos and photos, and even a barcode scanner.

One of A Better Camera’s differentiators is HDR video. It’s a $3.99 in-app purchase, though singly relates a beliefs of HDR to relocating pictures. Another, Dynamic Range Optimization, uses a technique identical to tinge mapping to move back lost detail. And Smart multishot lets you remove neglected objects and select the best faces from a organisation photo.

I used a Nexus 6 to exam A Better Camera, and each underline worked as good as expected. we did, however, always seem to knowledge a check in holding photos no matter a setting. Other Nexus 6 reviewers on Google Play mentioned this, too, so we can usually assume it’s a hardware harmony issue.

Still, we consider I’ll keep A Better Camera commissioned for a while. I’m all for consolidation, and a app really is a one-stop emporium for hobby photography.

A Better Camera is a giveaway download at Google Play, though like HDR video, the aforementioned Smart multishot is an in-app squeeze – $2.99.

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