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Install Safestrap Recovery on Motorola Droid Bionic

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If we are lustful of installing tradition ROMs and we possess a Motorola Droid Bionic, we competence wish to cruise a most safer approach to peep those tradition ROMs.

Aptly called Safestrap Recovery, this tradition liberation stays divided from your phone’s primary complement when flashing to a phone or altering a phone in a poignant way.  This way, experts claim, is most safer than a common bootstrap recovery.  Safestrap Recovery is dictated for phones with sealed bootloaders.

It is unequivocally frustrating during times when your fad for your a new ROM gets marred since we get held in a boot-loop after flashing it.  Or, worse, we are regulating Bootstrap and we can't entrance liberation to return to your prior OS. Sometimes it’s usually a teenager case, though there are also times that a repairs to your phone is irreversible. Luckily for you, there’s now a approach to equivocate this from function to your device.

Safestrap Recovery is usually like Bootstrap, though it is most safer in a clarity that when we peep a ROM, we don’t have to worry if something goes wrong while flashing since we can entrance liberation from boot. You can afterwards simply revive a OS that we corroborated up. Aside from that, when your phone has a sealed bootloader, we can use Safestrap Recovery for your phone.

How Safestrap Works

Safestrap works by tying a changes in your primary complement and usually peep to a delegate complement on your device.  Safestrap has 3 essential components: a Safestrap app (APK), Safestrap Recovery,  and a hijack. Let’s plead a 3 equipment alone in a some-more minute manner.

Safestrap app (APK)

This initial partial fundamentally works as a substructure for a dual other tools of Safestrap. It works by permitting we to implement a dual other tools by a “Install Recovery” symbol in a app. Also, it acts as an indicator from where we can check if we have a stream liberation installed, what version, commissioned or not, or if it’s an aged chronicle of recovery.

Safestrap Recovery

This second member of Safestrap is usually like ClockworkMod Recovery with a few mutated features. In fact, Safestrap Recovery is formed on ClockworkMod Recovery.  So, a options and menus will be radically familiar.

In contrariety to a unchanging ClockworkMod Recovery, Safestrap Recovery has a “Safestrap Menu” during a bottom of a categorical menu.  It also shows “Safe System: ENABLED/DISABLED” during a tip of a menu.

When Safestrap is handling in non-safe mode, it won’t let we peep ZIP packages into your phone.  And, if we do wish to peep ZIP packages, they will be flashed to a delegate complement (thus, gripping your categorical complement safe).


This is what creates Safestrap work.  Call it a steal or a exploit.  It is commissioned to your primary complement when we implement Safestrap Recovery.

Installing Safestrap Recovery on a Motorola Droid Bionic

NOTE: Use a information in this essay during your possess risk.  We shall not be obliged for any repairs outset from your use of this information.  DO NOT keep dual bootstraps on your Droid Bionic.  Either we use Safestrap alone or another bootstrap, though never use both.

  1. Make a backup of all your critical personal information (e.g., contacts, SMS, call logs, files and Internet settings).  This is not unequivocally required though is value doing so we will have a backup  in box something goes wrong.)
  2. Uninstall any Bootstrap app now commissioned in your Droid Bionic.
  3. Double-check that we don’t have any other Bootstrap app on your Droid Bionic.  Remove them all before proceeding.
  4. Download a Safestrap app (APK) from here. Current chronicle for a Droid Bionic is 1.07.
  5. Install a Safestrap app to your Droid Bionic.
  6. Launch a Safestrap app on your phone.
  7. Read a disclaimer.
  8. Read a disclaimer again.
  9. Agree to a disclaimer.
  10. Tap a “Install Recovery” symbol in a Safestrap app.
  11. Reboot your phone.
  12. You will see a new dash shade when your phone boots up. Press a Menu symbol while a dash shade is showing.  This will let we enter Safestrap Recovery.  In fact, this is how we enter Safestrap Recovery.

You can now peep tradition ROMs in a most safer approach with Safestrap Recovery on your Droid Bionic.

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