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In business mobile, a information shows it’s an Apple world

Good Technology’s craving stats uncover iPads and iPhones lead notwithstanding consumers’ Android smartphone passion

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When it comes to business mobile usage, Apple reigns. That’s according to Good Technology, an MDM (mobile device management) businessman that marks a activation of new inclination managed by a customers. It’s no warn that in a fourth entertain of 2011, Apple iPhone 4S activations were outrageous during 31 percent of all new inclination activated and 40 percent of all new smartphones, as that rarely expected smartphone was expelled in October.

But Apple products, not only a iPhone 4S, took all 5 tip spots in Good’s list of many activated devices: a iPhone 4S during 31 percent, a iPhone 4 during 18 percent, a iPad 2 during 14 percent, a strange iPad during 4 percent, and a iPhone 3G S during 3 percent. The rest of a tip 10 were Android smartphones: a Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid 3, HTC Evo 4G, and Motorola Droid X2 — any during 2 percent or less.

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Overall, Apple’s inclination accounted for 71 percent of new device activations (up from 68 percent in a prior quarter), with a 3 iPhone models (4S, 4, and 3G S) totaling 53 percent of new smartphones and a dual iPad models (the Pad 2 and a strange iPad) totaling 94.7 percent of new tablets. By comparison, Android inclination accounted for 29 percent of new device activations (down from 32 percent), with Android inclination accounting for 39 percent of new smartphones and Android inclination for 5.2 percent of new tablets.

Good records that craving users’ welfare for Apple inclination contrasts with that of altogether consumer preferences, where Android smartphones comment for 52 percent of tellurian smartphone sales in a fourth entertain contra a iPhone‘s No. 2 display of 15 percent. In a United States, Nielsen Research shows Android smartphone sales of 51.7 percent contra 37 percent for a several iPhones. Data on inscription sales is unavailable, nonetheless many researcher firms likely that about 75 percent of tablets sole would be iPads.

Good’s information comes especially from financial services and veteran services firms, though a clients cover a operation of tellurian industries that also embody health care, high tech, government, and retail. Good’s information covers iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices, nonetheless a latter dual have roughly no new activations by Good’s customers. Good’s information does not cover BlackBerry or Windows Phone devices, that Gartner’s surveys contend have about 11 percent and 1.5 percent tellurian marketplace share, respectively. Corporate marketplace share information is not accessible for possibly platform.

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