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I’m ill to genocide of Android

“1. Download a MP3 record right off a webpage and save it directly to your song folder.”

Well, we customarily conduct my song with my PC anyways, and iTunes on a PC works good with MP3s.

“4. we can’t use your Bluetooth with any other smartphone/tablet though iOS enabled ones.”

Try WiFi. Works excellent here. And a bluetooth indeed works excellent with a Sync complement on my 2012 Ford Focus.

“5. we count wholly of mac ecosystem that imho is waaaay obtuse than Google’s “



I don’t possess a Mac.

I use Gmail.

I use YouTube.

I use Google Reader.

“9. My SGSI is reduction expected to get it’s shade shop-worn than iphone‘s … put an iphone and a integrate of coins in your slot and that’s it, code new scratches all over.”

Will count on a phone we buy.

And we can always buy those covers to put over a screen.

“12. widgets any1?”

Barely use them on my PC, don’t suppose I’ll caring to use them on my phone.

“14. customization capabilities (including live wallpapers)”

Are nice, though my phone is initial and inaugural a apparatus for me to use for productivity. I’m excellent not carrying imagination stuff.

“16. it’s free”

What’s free?

“17. improved wifi reception”

Not had any troubles with my iPhone. And will count on a make and indication of whatever Android phone we buy.

“you get local apps with outrageous turn of capability (Ex.: Calculator will save your calculations, clocks will let we save many alarms, calendar will refurbish roughly immediately in google calendar, camera has some humorous effects including a ability to take a breathtaking shot, suit shot, night shot, etc… latitude, google maps, automobile home, sns info from my hit list, ADOBE FLASH, navigation, places, SWYPE, consider giveaway office, etc)”

Most, if not all, of this is accessible as third celebration apps in a apps store.

Things we can do with my iPhone that we listed (usually with a third celebration app):

-Calculator that saves calculations.
-Clocks with many alarms.
-Calendar that will refurbish Google calendar immediately (I indeed get this native, no third celebration app – we can in fact set adult a calendar with Google)
-Camera with humorous effects
-Panoramic shots (I use Photosynth, and there are others)
-Motion shots, Night shots (SynthCam, and there are other apps) (should be remarkable that HDR will assistance night shots a bit if we don’t wish to use an app)
-Google maps (actually local to a iPhone – we can’t undo it!)
-Navigation (lots of apps for that!)

The other apps I’m certain are accessible or have some equivalent, though we never indispensable them so we never looked for them.

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