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I’m ill to genocide of Android

Sometimes we only have to know when to chuck in a towel.

Although we have flirted with a series of opposite forms of tablets using opposite handling systems over a past few years and continue to inspect all a opposite options that exist in a mobile space, given Nov of 2009, I’ve been exclusively an Android smartphone user.

In that time I’ve left from a strange Motorola Droid to a Droid Bionic, and now a Galaxy Nexus. I’ve seen a Android OS urge extremely and continue to be tender by a innovations that any unbroken chronicle brings to a table.

I have always favourite a elemental judgment of Android — an Open Source smartphone and inscription handling complement that could be used on a accumulation of manufacturers inclination with varying underline sets that gives consumers a combined advantage of selecting accurately what product suits their specific needs.

Android also provides for a additional honesty of carrying 3rd-party App Stores that fit a needs of opposite forms of business if a Google Android Market (Now Google Play) doesn’t fit a bill.

And of course, there is also a ability for a bottom OS itself to be mutated as good as a ability to side-load applications of your possess pattern for use in straight markets.

But during a same time, my toleration for how Google loosely manages a ecosystem and has authorised a height to mutate and bit and assent a OEMs and Carriers to desert a users by not providing timely updates to their handsets and tablets has done my blood boil.

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Back in Oct of final year, we wrote a ardent response to James Kendrick’s square “After iPhone 4S, Android Just Feels Wrong.”

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In that essay we cited many of a strengths of Android — a openness, a flexibility, a relations autonomy a user has from differently rarely tranquil ecosystems of a competitors. But we also addressed a flaws, ones we suspicion were eventually going to be ironed out with destiny OS releases and softened government of a Android ecosystem.

And during a time, we suspicion a strengths of Android vastly outweighed a flaws.

I’ve come to a finish that in an ideal world, a thought of an Android OS, focus and manufacturer ecosystem that is ideally managed would indeed make it a strongest of all a mobile OS offerings.

However, a existence is that we’re not vital in an ideal world, and a flaws are severely hampering qualitative advancements such as OS stability, altogether height standardization and maintenance, all of that eventually have a disastrous impact on Android‘s users and focus developers.

When it came time for my dual phone contracts to replenish on Verizon, we had motionless within a camber of a few months to squeeze a Motorola Droid Bionic and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

I had believed both of these inclination would be well-supported by Google and would be many resistant to a fragmentation and conduit bloatware issues, as a initial device was being done by a association that was about to be acquired by Google, and a second being a flagship Google Experience handset device for Ice Cream Sandwich.

In both cases, we incited out to be wrong. Motorola has betrothed for months to UPDATE a change of a 2011 and 2012 handset lineup to Ice Cream Sandwich, though has of nonetheless unsuccessful to broach any such updates solely for on a Motorola Xoom tablet, that is a Google Experience and developer anxiety device.

And in a box of Samsung, there have been a series of bugfix iterations expelled for Ice Cream Sandwich by Google, nothing of that have been deployed to a Verizon Galaxy Nexus so far.

Samsung’s update record opposite their whole handset and inscription product line has been roughly as abysmal as Motorola’s. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has nonetheless to be updated to a latest Android release, and in a box of a Nexus S, a prior flagship Google Experience handset, a Ice Cream Sandwich update was rolled out and afterwards corroborated out due to technical problems, and owners have been watchful for months for it to resume again.

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These are deputy of a conditions from only a dual tip Android handset and inscription manufacturers that furnish a top form inclination which should be removing priority updates. At a second and third tier manufacturers, things are extremely worse in terms of existent device support.

[UPDATE, Mar 28, 6:30PM EST: Google has begun rolling out Android 4.0.4 updates for comparison Nexus and Wi-Fi Motorola XOOM hardware, though not a Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus yet.]

So a bottom line is, as a consumer, how most is one peaceful to endure this? If someone like me who is an shrewd spectator of a attention has to do such heated investigate on that Android device to buy formed on a intensity for ongoing support and afterwards ends adult removing burnt in a process, what is a normal consumer to do?

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So I’ve motionless that unless vital improvements start in the management of a Android ecosystem by Google in a subsequent year, and if conditions for ancillary handsets by a Tier 1 OEMs and categorical US wireless carriers do not urge dramatically, a Galaxy Nexus and a Droid Bionic are going to be my final Android smartphones.

And I’ve also motionless that until a support conditions almost improves, we am no longer going to recommend Android-based products to my friends, family and colleagues. I’ll indicate them towards Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone instead. At slightest with these platforms, you’re guaranteed core OS updates and bugfixes for a length of your contract.

I’m simply ill to genocide of putting adult with all of these issues that seem to have no finish in sight.

What we finish adult migrating to privately after my stream hit is adult we have no thought during this point, since it is some 20 months away. But I’m extremely tempted to put my Galaxy Nexus adult for sale, punch a bullet, and compensate full cost for an iPhone 4S and a MiFi to hoop my LTE 4G tethering needs when we travel. That’s only how undone we am during this indicate with a whole situation.

Are we also ill to genocide of Android‘s problems and deliberation relocating to iOS or Windows Phone? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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