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iDevice AirPlay Stereo Speaker, GEAR4 AirZone Series 1

If we have $279 (£185) to gangling we might wish to deposit it in a GEAR4 AirZone Series 1 orator in a nearby future. This is no typical orator – and if we occur to possess an Apple iPhone you’ll really wish to know more.

As a self confessed Apple tool freak, we can see a clarity in shopping one of these speakers. This is one considerable square of kit, and it has a built in wharf so we can set your iPhone, iPod or even your iPad down onto it. But it also works with a Apple AirPlay wireless technology.

Did we contend wireless? we certainly did – and it is positively brilliant. You can tide your favourite tunes – as stored in your iTunes library – whenever we wish to. If you’ve got a preference of songs stored on your iPod, only container it into a orator and off we go.

Of march given this is a wireless tool we can also set it adult to play your songs even if your Apple tool isn’t staid into a dock. This is a genuine energy of a GEAR4 AirZone speaker, and it is one of a reasons because we think it will sell really good indeed.

It’s only another of a many essential equipment that all Apple iPhone and iPad owners will find indispensable. we also like a fact that if we do wharf your Apple device with a AirZone speaker, it gets charged as it plays. What improved approach could there be to assign it?

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