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I am regressive (and so can you)

Despite being maybe a heading “conservative reformer” in a nation, it turns out Josh Barro isn’t conservative. He has conceded that. And today, he goes a step further, suggesting that regressive policies are “bad,” and that, “[t]he resolution [for Republicans] is to change your ideology.”

This, of course, usually serves to infer Erick Erickson’s indicate — that Barro’s thought of reforming conservatism amounted to abandoning conservatism.

Look, I’m sensitive to a thought of reforming conservatism — of creation it some-more applicable to 21st century Americans. For this reason, we wrote a Guardian mainstay in Sep of 2012, called “A GOP using on empty,” and a morning after Romney lost, we consider we coined a phrase, “modernize, not moderate.”

But Barro has apparently motionless we contingency destroy a encampment in sequence to save it.

In fairness, some of a feud competence hinge on semantics. Barro believes that “conservatism is whatever beliefs is common by many of a people who call themselves conservatives…” That’s a arrange of philosophical relativism. Just since a garland of people call something “conservative” doesn’t meant they get to possess a word.

So what is “conservatism?” Arguably a best clarification I’ve listened comes from “conservative reformer” David Brooks, who tangible it thusly: “The hint of conservatism — from Burke to Hayek — is epistemological tact — an recognition of how small we can know about ourselves, and how small we can plan. Because life is so complicated.”

Barro admittedly isn’t a conservative, though we think conjunction are many of his critics. Many of a folks who most aloud call themselves regressive are indeed worried radicals. There’s a difference.

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