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Hyundai posts some-more Staria MOV shots

Check out a latest photos of Hyundai's Staria minivan set to proviso out a current-gen Starex/H-1 (see video).

Check out a latest photos of Hyundai’s Staria minivan set to proviso out a current-gen Starex/H-1 (see video).

The tip spec is called Premium and facilities strange 18-inch wheels, black trim pieces, LED headlights and vast pixelated taillights. The interior has 4 rows and is meant for 9 passengers. Specifically, there is a bank for 3 in a behind and dual seats everywhere else. You can spin a second quarrel around to face a third one.

If you’d rather have a three-row, seven-seat minivan with some-more reward features, you’re in luck. This chronicle offers heated, ventilated and tractable second-row seats with retractable footrests. It also advantages from a colorful ambient lighting (64 colors available).

The dashboard sits flattering high, and a 10.25-inch infotainment touchscreen is joined with a HVAC control panel. A atmospheric box with a wireless tool charger, USB slots and crater holders sits between a front seats.

The bottom trim has a opposite radiator grille, as good as downsized lights and wheels. Its cabin has 11 seats by default interjection to a dais for 3 in a front. The dashboard has a object visor, and a multimedia complement is really basic, entrance with hardware buttons and a black-and-white HVAC screen.

The automobile might entrance in a second entertain of a year, nonetheless this is not central yet.

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