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HTC Vigor Spotted In The Wild, Possibly Packing Verizon LTE

As distant as Verizon inclination are concerned, a Droid Bionic substantially binds a climax for “Most Anticipated Handset,” though newly leaked shots of a HTC Vigor might take a bit of that spotlight.

Rumored to be a newest further to Verizon’s LTE line up, a Vigor sports a name that’s officious ancient in comparison: it was initial speckled in a trademark focus from 2009.

The Vigor done waves progressing this month when an relief chronicle was speckled on a Dutch retailer’s website, though a genuine understanding sports a reduction bony physique that matches adult simply with HTC and Verizon’s pattern language. Specifically, with a musty textured behind image and red camera trim, a Vigor could simply pass for another entrance in Verizon’s Incredible series.

The 4 capacitive buttons on a Vigor’s face meant it won’t be one of a initial handsets to run Ice Cream Sandwich, though a rumored specs will daunt many a phone geek regardless. Under a hood, a Vigor reportedly has a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of inner peep storage and Beats by Dre audio. A 4.3 in. HD arrangement graces a front, and if it were on, HTC’s Sense UI would be using a show.

Note that a Vigor is mostly giveaway of branding during this point, withdrawal a claims of a LTE harmony and Beats audio estimate in question. The device is expected in a exam phases now, that could explain a altogether miss of flourish, though here’s anticipating a rumors reason true. Without a Galaxy S II on board, this might finish adult being one of Verizon’s heavy-hitters come a holidays.

[via Droid Life]

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