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HTC ThunderBolt Price Slashing Begins, Don’t Bite

In a intolerable spin of events (not really), a cost of a HTC ThunderBolt has plunged all a approach down to $60 during Wirefly in a expected try to captivate in those still on a blockade about shopping a arriving Motorola Droid Bionic. Unfortunately, a offer is usually for new Verizon business that means that you’ll not usually have to pointer over your name for dual years though you’ll also have to sign into tiered data. Oh, and you’ll also skip out on one of a many expected phones of a year, a Droid Bionic.

HTC ThunderBolt

HTC ThunderBolt

Don’t punch on this, folks. First of all, you’ll wish to wait for a Droid Bionic to arrive. Take it for a exam drive. If we don’t like it, don’t get it and demeanour for a understanding like a one for a HTC ThunderBolt. Second, we really don’t wish to get sealed into tiered information with a HTC ThunderBolt. If there you’re going to have to do that, do it with a Droid Bionic or a Motorola Dinara.

If we REALLY wish a HTC ThunderBolt, again, wait for a Droid Bionic to come out. we have a feeling that $60 is not a cheapest cost tab that is going to accompany this phone. we would not be repelled to see it tumble all a approach to giveaway subsequent month.

Wirefly isn’t going to be a usually tradesman to condense a cost of a HTC ThunderBolt forward of a Droid Bionic recover and yes, $60 is somewhat tantalizing for a phone that is finally behind on lane after traffic with a litany of issues, though do your best to reason out.

Trust me, we won’t bewail it.

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