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HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich Update Release Date Remains Unknown

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While it would seem that Motorola competence be creation it adult to peeved Motorola Droid Bionic owners with an early Ice Cream Sandwich release, small information about a HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich recover date has leaked out withdrawal owners with lots of questions and 0 answers.

The HTC ThunderBolt, like a Droid Bionic, was hyped to no finish before it launched behind in Mar 2011. In fact, once on a time, a HTC ThunderBolt was suspicion to be a loyal challenger to a Apple iPhone.

That wasn’t a box however.

The ThunderBolt ICS recover date refurbish stays unclear.

The HTC ThunderBolt stumbled out of a gates and afterwards continued to event months into a launch. Owners who purchased a initial ever 4G LTE smartphone on Verizon dealt with a horde of issues, a many concerning of that was a pointless reboot problem that took months to tinge out.

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After that, a phone became rather of a fun in tech circles though it was no joking matter for a HTC ThunderBolt owners who had bought a phone during launch with a new two-year contract.

They were and are still stranded with a device that never utterly lived adult to a hype. And many owners, we know of several, still feel let down by HTC and Verizon.

A prolonged time ago, we argued that a HTC ThunderBolt should have been a initial phone to accept Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, an refurbish that should have arrived usually before a Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Unfortunately, a universe of Android is not one full of rainbows and unicorns and thus, both ThunderBolt and Droid Bionic owners have been left wondering when a updates will hurl out.

And while a Droid Bionic ICS refurbish has leaked out many times, a pointer that Motorola competence be perplexing to make justification with Droid Bionic owners, we have still seen no pointer of a refurbish that we truly trust should have arrived first.

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Since announcing that a HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich refurbish would arrive in Jul or August. Thing is, we’re now in Jul and we haven’t listened so most as a sight from HTC, Verizon or seen any genuine convincing leaks.

This doesn’t bode good for owners who were anticipating that they’d see it in a initial partial of Jul and it substantially doesn’t lay good with those doubtful about a refurbish nearing during all.

There are still copiousness of people who possess this phone, owners who endured a ton of nonsense behind in 2011. So, hopefully, HTC ThunderBolt owners get some Ice Cream Sandwich answers soon.

HTC ThunderBolt owners are all ears.

And we are too.

Any HTC ThunderBolt owners out there patiently or impatiently watchful for ICS to arrive?

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  1. Norman Stites says:

    I have owned a TB given a initial day of introduction. Since afterwards Verizon has transposed it 8 times do to Many problems. All of them starting from a First refurbish sent out. It got to a indicate a year ago that we took out another phone series to ascent to a iPhone. My meditative was that Apple competence be a improved phone, or during slightest Operate when we indispensable it.
    But to my surprise, iPhone too had problems and is to Locked to usually Apple. So we am watchful for my S3 on Tuesday to lapse to android. we as well, will not possess a HTC again. we looked during a HTC One, though meaningful a problems we had with a TB, left that suspicion go quickly. Poor on HTC and Verizon to concede this to occur to customers. Verizon did work with me, and we will sojourn with them, though unhappy with a altogether support for a TB. My dual cents worth.

  2. Faith says:

    I got my Thunderbolt during recover and switched to Verizon for it. we adore a kickstand. Oddly adequate that’s a BEST underline on a phone. we will skip that feature. The rest of a phone has been lousy.

    It’s pretty fast, though tends to hiccup frequently and have a lot of apps I’m not even regulating during a time crash. It is just…lackluster. The battery is really a misfortune part, I’ve had it die when we bumped a block lax in a night and didn’t even hold it. It’s insane. we can’t wait for a S3 to recover and REALLY wish they’ll let me ascent early.

  3. fabian guerrero says:

    I still use and possess my HTC thunderbolt we can’t wait compartment a updated ics a all we wait for improved come in august.

  4. spoiler1041 says:

    Seriously FAITH?? Love a flog stand?

    That was my really initial complaint. Who puts a kickstand on a phone in such a approach that it can’t be plugged in while regulating a stand! ! ! !

    When a association turns a behind on one of a flagship phones we spin my behind on them…………… NEVER AGAIN HTC Can we contend iphone 5.

  5. Vaughan Johnson says:

    Still have, use and suffer my tbolt though there have been problems that we shouldn’t have to understanding with. we still have a reboot problem. I’d ascent to a opposite phone though I’ll be ditching Verizon for Sprint once my agreement is adult to keep total data.

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