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HTC Thunderbolt Goes Up Against Motorola Droid Bionic

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The 4G LTE connectivity of a HTC Thunderbolt is usually one of a facilities that done it among a tip Android smartphones on a choice of Verizon Wireless. The other facilities that authorised this Android smartphone embody a clever hardware and a guaranteed refurbish for a Android 2.3 handling system. Despite a lofty billing, a HTC Thunderbolt is also confronting clever foe by a Motorola Droid Bionic.

Just like a HTC Thunderbolt, a Motorola Droid is also an LTE able Android smartphone. It also facilities a arrangement shade with a same distance as a HTC Thunderbolt. However a 1GHz dual-core microprocessor of a soon-to-be-released Motorola Droid gives it an advantage over a HTC Thunderbolt, that usually has a 1GHz single-core microprocessor.

Between a dual latest Android phones, some users have selected to acquire a HTC Thunderbolt rather than wait for a recover of a Motorola Droid. But a series of users have also opted to wait for a recover of a dual-core Motorola Droid smartphone. A developer has succeeded in over-clocking a HTC Thunderbolt and authorised it to run during 2.016 GHz. This is good news for users who feel that their Android phone is underpowered.

HTC Thunderbolt Goes Up Against Motorola Droid Bionic

HTC Thunderbolt

According to a developer, Derek Rodriguez, a HTC Thunderbolt was fast when it was using during 2 GHz by his Twitter page. However in sequence to concede a device to be over-clocked it would be required to base a Android phone and with a recover date of a Motorola Droid still uncertain, some users might demeanour into a over-clocking as a approach of augmenting a speed of their latest Android smartphone.

Even yet a over-clocked HTC Thunderbolt with a 2 GHz speed is not matching to a Motorola Droid with a dual-core microprocessor, some observers have indicated that it is still a good Android smartphone to acquire. This new Android smartphone can be deliberate a good device even if it is not over-clocked.

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