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HTC One Mini adult for pre-order during £365, due subsequent week

HTC’s tiny steel marvel is within touching distance. The HTC One Mini is due in a UK subsequent week, with online tradesman Unlocked Mobiles undercutting rivals with a £365 pre-order price-tag.

If you’re unfortunate to get your hands on a One Mini, Carphone Warehouse reckons it’ll be in batch from 9 August — subsequent Friday — 3 days forward of Unlocked. Carphone’s charging some-more yet — £380, that seems to be a many common cost online.

The One Mini left us extremely tender in a new review. Its 4.3-inch shade means a most easier to use (and trip into a pocket) than a 4.7-inch large sibling, and it loses zero in terms of a stylish pattern and grand steel chassis. Its 720p shade is superb too.

Where it does underperform is a performance — it’s a common dual-core effort, rather than a blockbusting quad-core champion in a correct One. Some some-more graphically considerable Android games, such as GTA: Vice City and N.O.V.A 3, only wouldn’t install. That’s presumably since a phone’s new and there’s some variable program problem, though don’t design it to be a gaming powerhouse.

We positively elite it to Samsung’s mini-me flagship, a Galaxy S4 Mini, that is also £380 though a most some-more mid-range affair. Still substantially a best choice if we don’t wish a tip of a line phone is a Nexus 4, that starts during £239, has a outstanding 4.7-inch shade and a brawny quad-core processor.

Are we tempted by a One Mini? Would it need to go even cheaper? Are we watchful for a next-gen Nexus instead? Hit me with your jabber in a comments, or on a pretty sized Facebook page.

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