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HTC One E8 Now Available in a US Through Sprint

HTC One E8 Sprint

The HTC One E8 is already accessible for squeeze in Asia and other markets and given a smartphone is reportedly offered well, it was usually a matter of time until it arrived in a US. The cosmetic hermit of a One M8 will turn accessible for squeeze in a States by Sprint’s network.

Sprint strictly suggested in this blog post that they will be carrying a HTC One E8 in dual physique colors: white and gray. The E8 is a high-end device, borrowing many of a technical specifications of a One M8. The categorical differences are a cosmetic physique and a 13 MP primary shooter that replaces M8’s 4 MP UltraPixel sensor.

Because it’s done regulating cosmetic instead of metal, a HTC One M8 is a bit cheaper that a loyal flagship smartphone of a Taiwan-based phone maker. As we was mentioning above, a other technical specifications are identical: quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 5-inch Full HD screen, 2,600 mAh battery, 16 GB storage, and support for microSD cards adult to 128 GB.

Sprint is charity a HTC One M8 during a cost of $99 after we determine to sing a two-year understanding with them, though we will also be means to squeeze it off-contract during a cost of $499. On a other hand, a HTC One M8 is $199 with a two-year deal, or $649 but a contract. It seems that a steel box of a M8 is value $150.

If you’re tempted to get your hands on a Sprint HTC One M8, hear that a smartphone is already adult for grabs in a carrier’s section and trebuchet stores or around Telesales during 1-800-SPRINT1. Are we buying?

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