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HTC is branch a new root with a One X

HTC, like many other Android manufacturers, succumbed to Android‘s Law over a years. Android‘s Law, as we have explained in a past, creates a spin personification margin (for a many part) for manufacturers of any caliber. By regulating Android, they can effectively mislay a need to write their possess handling complement and can change many of their concentration to formulating a hardware. And in today’s market, really few manufacturers emanate their possess components. For example, processor record is outsourced to companies like Texas Instruments, NVIDIA or Qualcomm. So instead of slaving divided for half a year to emanate one phone, tip to bottom, OEMs can now siphon out new phones any integrate months.

HTC, Samsung and Motorola have all acquired a identical habits. They emanate 30 or so smartphones any year, all of opposite quality, price, distance and shape. While they are creation inclination that will interest to everyone, they’re also causing rare levels of cannibalism among their possess products. (The best instance of this is a DROID BIONIC. It finally launched in Sep of 2011 after being announced that prior January. Just dual months later, a BIONIC was followed-up by a DROID RAZR, that was followed by a DROID RAZR MAXX in January.)

While HTC had identical practices, it wasn’t utterly to a impassioned that Motorola and Verizon have managed to take it. Still, they’ve cannibalized their possess inclination in a past (HTC Sensation and Amaze). And of late, their device peculiarity has taken a spin for a worse. So for 2012, HTC vowed to start focusing some-more on peculiarity rather than quantity.

That starts with a HTC One X, that was usually announced from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. While we can’t pronounce on a One X initial hand, it’s easy to see that HTC has focused a lot some-more courtesy on a critical things in this sold device.

Take a camera, for instance. Like several HTC phones before it, a One X has an modernized camera. But this sold one is above and over – during slightest on paper. It is an 8-megapixel pattern sensor with an softened f-2.0 aperture, sensor (back illuminated), program and HTC‘s ImageChip. The camera app itself can be launched in reduction than a second from a close shade and it also takes reduction than a second to autofocus and snap a picture. You can take continual shots simply by holding a shiver symbol down. But best of all, if a theme of a shot moves, ImageSense will automatically capacitate detonate mode and constraint mixed images to get a best shot. But they’ve also combined some-more features, like a ability to concurrently take video and snap pictures, take high energetic operation (HDR) photos and delayed suit video during 60 frames per second.

The tangible peculiarity of a One X’s camera, in use and not on paper, stays to be seen. But judging by a camera in a Amaze, we can usually suppose it has gotten improved with a apparent volume of courtesy this sold sensor has received. They’ve also (finally) done this a initial device with Beats audio integrated into both a program and hardware, definition Beats audio will be benefaction system-wide.

But their courtesy to fact stretches over a camera and audio. The HTC One X is one of a really few HTC inclination in new memory that reflects a topnotch pattern shown in a mythological Nexus One. Not usually given it closely resembles a Nexus, though given it has a really slim form in comparison to HTC‘s other LTE devices.

All things considered, there are some bruise points for a One X. Battery life, once again, seems to have been placed on a behind burner. The One X facilities an 1,800 mAh battery pack, while other manufacturers with allied phones during roughly a same density have managed to fist 2,500 (Galaxy Note, nonetheless larger) and 3,300 mAh (DROID RAZR MAXX) packs in their devices.

Also, HTC‘s Sense UI (love it or hatred it) is still overbearing. A leaked Motorola Ice Cream Sandwich build showed us usually what a nice, regressive tradition interface atop Android 4.0 could demeanour like. Google has updated Android with a small some-more gloss in Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC‘s Sense 4.0, while packaged with tons of features, looks zero like a latest Android refurbish and some-more closely resembles bequest Android. It has transposed roughly any singular aspect of a Android 4.0 interface with smooth, dull corners. Here’s to anticipating it’s during slightest faster and temperament fewer bugs that former iterations.

The HTC One X, however, is a outrageous step in a right instruction for HTC – a step we can usually wish other manufacturers will take, too. Fewer inclination for a consequence of improved peculiarity is something everybody can and will advantage from. Now, if they can usually give battery ability and Sense UI a small some-more proposal adore and caring …

Tell me, folks. What do we consider of a HTC One X? Is it a best thing given sliced bread? The best HTC device ever? Or has HTC missed a symbol again?

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