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How to: Unlock a Motorola Photon Q Bootloader

On Friday, as we was ripping adult Vegas, Motorola expelled a tool to be used to clear a bootloader of a Photon Q, their many recently expelled smartphone. While we know that many of we were anticipating this new apparatus would support a DROID RAZR, Bionic, and other formerly expelled Motorola devices, that doesn’t seem to be a case, for now. So until that happens, we suspicion a slightest we could do is travel by a routine on a Photon Q, to give we some arrange of an thought as to how this works. It’s flattering simple, though even we ran into a integrate of teenager issues. 


*Reminder:  This will blank your warranty.

*Hey buddy, this will blank your warranty, so know that before doing anything.

* This will also purify your phone totally clean. So if we don’t wish to remove all on your device, don’t do this.

1.  Head to Motorola’s bootloader site, click “Proceed” past step 1 and register an account.
2.  You need to download a Android SDK and set it up.
3.  Then download a newest Motorola drivers for your mechanism and implement them.
4.  Plug in your Photon Q and let it implement drivers for a device.
5.  Once it has finished that, conduct into your SDK/Platform-tools folder.
6.  You need to download fastboot.exe if it isn’t already in your Platform-tools folder. [Download]
7.  Open a authority prompt from within your SDK/Platform-tools folder.

*Hold down SHIFT and Right Click – “Open authority prompt…”

8.   Type in:

adb reboot bootloader

9.  Once your phone reboots into a bootloader, form in:

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

10.  Your authority prompt should arrangement a device ID to be entered during Motorola’s site.

11.  The wily partial here, is that we have to square together all 4 lines to enter in a “Verify device…” box.

*My authority prompt was hating life and would not concede me to simply duplicate and paste. Plus, we can't embody a word “INFO” that starts any line off. So we have to square together a 4 lines but a word “INFO” and afterwards pulp them into a “Verify device is unlockable box.”

12.  Once we have pasted and clicked a “Verify device…” box, we should see a “Request Unlock Key” button.

13.  Press a “Request Unlock Key” symbol and they will email we an clear key.
14.  Once a email arrives, leave it open as we are about to need it.
15.  With your phone still plugged in and sitting during fastboot, it’s time to unlock.
16.  In a authority prompt, form in:

fastboot oem clear UNIQUE_KEY

*Type in your emailed clear pivotal where it says “UNIQUE_KEY”

17.  Your phone’s bootloader will now be unlocked. You should see these dual screens:

18.  Your phone will reboot and your bootloader will no longer be locked.
19.  Congrats. Now go peep an AOSP ROM.

Cheers Motorola!


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