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How to Fix Data Drops on your Motorola Droid Bionic


So we waited a really prolonged time before we finally got a hands on a Droid Bionic final Sep we also paid utterly a bit for it, and a lot of us have seen problems or defects with a Bionics. The many renouned one is a information vigilance dropping and not always entrance behind – infrequently carrying to restart your device to get it back. Well after some contrast we have found out a problem as to because a Bionics are losing information signal.

In a Droid Bionic, Motorola combined a underline called Battery mode, and by default it is set to “Nighttime Saver” that turns off information between 10pm and 7am, and also turns off information after 15 mins of loitering and a lot of a time a usually approach to get it behind on is by rebooting your Bionic. So here’s what we do:

  • Go into Settings
  • Go down to Battery Data Manager
  • Select Battery Mode
  • Then name Performance Mode (As shown in a picture above)

I did that dual days ago and we have not forsaken a information vigilance on my Bionic since. If this doesn’t solve a problem for you, we might wish to call *611 from your device and speak to Verizon tech support. They will possibly send we out a deputy or a opposite phone. Lately people have been removing a Droid Razr as a replacement.

Hit adult a comments and tell us how most these information vigilance drops are irritating you, also let us know if this worked for you.

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