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Here is Verizon’s Changelog for a DROID RAZR Jelly Bean Update

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After Motorola announced that a Jelly Bean refurbish for a DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX was strictly rolling out in phases commencement today, Verizon motionless to join a celebration by releasing their central changelog. In it, you’ll see serve acknowledgment that 98.72.16 is indeed a final build number. They discuss that it’s Android 4.1, though we all know that it’s indeed 4.1.2. 

With a update, you’ll see softened Voice Search, enhanced notifications, a smarter keyboard (with gesticulate typing), some-more from Google Now, improved network connectivity, a removal of all sorts of bloatware, and more.

If we haven’t nonetheless updated, feel giveaway to do so manually. We have files for those entrance from Ice Cream Sandwich (here) and also for those who updated to Jelly Bean in Dec (here).

The changelog from Motorola can be found here.

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