Help! I updated Bionic to Stock JB, SafeStrap Slot-1 says 0 bytes available | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

Help! we updated Bionic to Stock JB, SafeStrap Slot-1 says 0 bytes available

My Extra Droid Bionic had batch ICS 4.0.4 on it, and SafeStrap 3.0.5. we formerly commissioned HashCode’s 4.2.2 Stock JB ROM (March 2013 from site) to it, regulating Slot-1 in SafeStrap.

I never used any of a other slots since Hashcode pronounced not to.

I easy batch boot, and uninstalled SafeStrap.

I updated my to Stock Motorola Droid Bionic Jelly Bean 4.1.2 around OTA. we succeded, though mislaid Root. we attempted OTA keeper, though it didn’t work this time. (It formerly worked for my primary Droid Bionic).

I flashed JB regulating a Modified SBF record and RSD Lite (I had to undo dual lines from a implement instructions to get it to work).

I was means to base again regulating Easy Root (the VirtualBox method). It was a small challenging, though we figured it out

I reliable Root access. we re-installed SafeStrap 3.11.

I wish to implement a opposite tradition ROM regulating SafeStrap, we corroborated adult my Jelly Bean build in SafeStrap.

I went to emanate a ROM Slot-1 for a Custom ROM, and it says we have 0 bytes of Free space available.

I am uncertain what we need to do to get SafeStrap working. If it matters, we consider we forgot to undo a aged SLOT-1 ROM before we upgraded regulating a SBF,

Does anyone associating have any suggestions on how to pierce forward to revive a SLOT-1 functionality in SafeStrap?

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