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Healthy holidays, with the present ideas

If a suspicion of a health-related present inspires a same feeling of dreariness as receiving a mail-order flake or a six-pack of tube socks, it’s time time to enlarge your horizons. Health doesn’t have to be ho-hum: Think equipment to assistance we stay in shape, accessories desirous by biology, stories about a frontiers of medicine and most more. Read on for some suggestions from a Health staff.

Activity tracker

Fitbit Ultra, $99.95

Devices that lane earthy activity have trickled into a marketplace given a entrance of a Bodybugg complement done famous on a uncover “The Biggest Loser.” If you’re deliberation one as a gift, don’t disremember a Fitbit Ultra.

Fitbit Ultra is a wireless apparatus about a distance of a income shave that attaches to wardrobe or can be placed in a pocket. Weighing in during 0.4 ounces, it provides present feedback by tracking calories spent walking, running, dancing or in bland activities. With a 3-D suit sensor, it can calculate a power and generation of exercise. Fitbit Ultra also has a step opposite and stopwatch, and it provides accumulative statistics. Users can even guard characteristics of sleep, such as when they nap off and how mostly they arise during a night.

Fitbit announced a giveaway iPhone focus in Oct that allows users to record food and activities and lane their swell toward aptness and calorie goals. The Fitbit Ultra is neat and has a entertaining arrangement and a battery that will final a normal user 5 to 7 days.

The device can be purchased online or in many stores. Fitbit can be synced with a Fitbit nourishment and activity website, and there are no monthly user fees.

If you’re examination your weight and haven’t attempted a wireless activity tracker, you’re blank out on a apparatus that both motivates and informs.

—Shari Roan

Germs we can wear

Infectious Awareables silk scarves, $35

Disease-causing pathogen and viruses are icky, though these scarves (and neckties and bowties and boxers) are kind of beautiful. we have dual scarves myself, a red-splotchy one depicting a parasites that means malaria and another formed on a small rod-shaped and tailed strains of pathogen that means dental plaque. (This sold pattern is dropped — or “eradicated,” as a site terms it — though a new board pattern is accessible for scarves and ties Each object “discreetly” works a name of a pathogen it depicts into a border, and if you’re meddlesome in plagues and scourges, there’s credentials information about any one during a association website.

I’ll acknowledge that some of a equipment aren’t expected to be found on anybody’s wish list — nobody we know will be receiving a span of gonorrhea fighter shorts this gratifying deteriorate — though I’d gladly present a one depicting healthy heart flesh or another in black, green, blue and pinkish that facilities mold. Other offerings embody avian flu, measles, anthrax and a Foodborne Six, that facilities common causes of food poisoning (Campylobacter, Norwalk virus, salmonella, listeria, E. coli and shigella).

Some might find a grounds uninspired given a pang caused by spreading agents, though a Encino-based association behind these panoply explains that a aim is to lift recognition helped along by a bit of humor. Infectious Awareables donates a apportionment of a deduction to disease-fighting causes such as AIDS Project L.A. and Rotary International‘s polio expulsion campaign. My mom has a headband we sent her and wears it with delight. You can check out a preference during

—Rosie Mestel

Yoga helper

Skidless Towel by Lululemon, $65

Some people who practice persperate some-more than others. We won’t name names, though … OK, it’s us. We persperate like a plantation animal. In some instances it can be annoying, in some it’s embarrassing, and each once in a while — such as during yoga category — it can be officious dangerous.

That’s because we’re beholden for a microfiber Skidless Towel from Lululemon. One side looks like a unchanging towel. The other side has small silicone dots that hold your pad and concede we to assume any soldier poise though your towel shifting divided — and we along with it, invading a space of a chairman behind we who shoots we a unwashed look. Not that that’s ever happened to us.

The towel, that measures 68 by 24 inches, is pricier than anything you’ll find during a bonus linen store, though it’s value it for a assent of mind alone. Namaste.

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