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Hasbro introducing new D-O Droid and Lightsaber Academy app-connected Star Wars toys

As a final installment of a latest Star Wars tale prepares to blast off into theaters this December, fondle manufacturers are ramping adult prolongation of must-have equipment for a holiday season. Today’s proclamation from Hasbro includes a reproduction of a D-O Droid from a arriving Rise of Skywalker film and an interactive lightsaber, both tranquil by dedicated smartphone apps.

Similar to Sphero’s BB-8 Droid from 2015, Hasbro’s D-O Droid facilities a self-balancing mono-wheel that keeps a fondle honest and prepared to hurl during all times. Users can expostulate a D-O Droid with a help of on-screen controls around a Ultimate D-O App, accessible on Android and iOS. Players can also use a app to activate opposite modes for several games, including Find a Ball Mode, Hot and Cold Mode, and a charades-like Guessing Game.

Hasbro’s second app-powered fondle from today’s announcement, Lightsaber Academy, lets players span their phones with a Bluetooth-enabled lightsaber for realtime feedback on their Jedi skills. With a help of an accelerometer, gyroscope, and barometer embedded within a relating lightsaber, players can magnitude a angle, speed, and correctness of their movements, that are afterwards relayed to a Lightsaber Academy app. Players can also use a app to finish adult to 75 training missions, duel opposite classical Star Wars characters, and plea friends in Battle mode.

Hasbro’s D-O Droid and Lightsaber Academy will reportedly launch alongside movement figures, Funko POPS, LEGO sets, and some-more toys desirous by a arriving film during Disney’s Triple Force Friday eventuality on Oct 4, 2019.

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