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Hardware to Software: Changing consumer preference

A few years behind a sale of a mobile phone depended on a hardware. What specifications it has, for instance, does it have a camera in it, what is a memory distance of a phone, does it support video recording and a lot identical queries. But now no one asks such questions since these facilities are enclosed in roughly each handset. So what are a mobile users looking for in a phone today? They are looking for applications – for music, for work, for connectivity, for amicable networking and more. Which phone supports that arrange of focus unequivocally matters a lot.

Today all a activities are app centered – either we wish to fire an e-mail or save documents, mobile phone is a male friday. For instance, if we wish to go to some apart place and we are unknown with a track Google map apps comes in handy. You can also bond with your friends and familiarity regulating a amicable networking applications such as a Facebook and Twitter.

A lot of phones from domestic and general players these days come preloaded with all a popular apps like snaptu, Facebook, Nimbuz pushemails, google maps, google voice and many more. If we like Samsung handsets afterwards Samsung Chat array is one good choice since it supports all amicable networking apps along with a e-mail and IM apps.

If we crave for some-more apps login to Apple itunes, google Android Market, Blackberry Appworld to get your sip of some-more underline abounding apps, many of that are accessible for free.

If we count a series of apps downloaded per day, afterwards App store is winning with 29.6 million downloads, whereas, around 5 million apps are downloaded from android market and 5 and 3 millions for Nokia and Blackberry respectively.

The expansion rate of a applications is flattering high as progressing Ovi store had usually 25,000 apps, though now it has reached adult to 50, 000, identical is a box with Blackberry and Apple. But during present, apple is a biggest focus store with some-more than 3,50,000 applications.

Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, thought Cellular and faith communications are also peaceful to launch their possess focus store by that consumers can download their choice of apps with one height usually that would really make it easier for consumers to download apps and work on it.

It comes as no warn that app marketplace is streamer for some-more growth, fueled by changing consumer preference.

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