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Handset Manufacturers: Who are we teasing with a malnutritioned smartphone batteries?

Yesterday, we took a thrust and used adult one of my line upgrades on my Verizon Wireless comment on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. My wife, who dutifully went to a store yesterday to collect it adult for me when we was divided on a business outing got my stream Droid Bionic in trade.

I’ve usually been personification with a Nexus for a few hours, and we occur to consider it is a good phone, though it is nonetheless again another of a latest stand of smartphones that all have a same accurate problem: an malnutritioned battery, with a whole 1850 milliampere-hours (mAh) to keep this inspired 4G phone with a super-bright AMOLED HD arrangement regulating all day.

This has been going on for years, ever given we started regulating smartphones with my strange Blackberry Bold 9000. If we wish a whole day of undeviating use though carrying to tip off your charge, we need to go buy an extended battery instead.

The ones that come with a phones usually aren’t good enough, and I’m including Apple with their absurd hermetic battery compartments in this censure too. A whole 1400 mAh to run a iPhone 4S for a full day of use? Seriously?

And Motorola, usually what a ruin were we meditative when we designed an ultra-thin 4G Android phone with a sealed battery compartment with a Droid Razr? That’s like building a Lamborghini with a 4 gallon gas tank. It’s not going to go really far.

A whole attention of smartphone accessories from 3rd celebration battery manufacturers has cropped adult in sequence to understanding with this problem. SEIDIO Innocell is one of a some-more obvious companies and they furnish outrageous Lithium Ions for many of a vital brands and carriers .

For example, a ones that they furnish for a newer 4G phones are in a 2800-3500 mAh range. These are all flattering most guaranteed to keep a phone regulating in 4G mode regulating for an whole 8 hour business day with assuage usage.

And if we dump your phone down to 3G and usually spin a GPS services and a email sync on when we need them, we can keep it regulating around 16 to 20 hours with one of these batteries.

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Still, we don’t know why we need to have default malnutritioned batteries in a initial place. we know a enterprise for manufacturers to keep handsets thin, though let’s face it, this is removing ridiculous.

A lot of this has to do with Apple pushing a industrial pattern ethos that everybody is now competing with, though we find that Apple-envy beliefs in sequence to attract business when it comes to phones a bit nuts.

I mean, a whole automobile attention doesn’t try to make all cars demeanour like Ferraris. So since should each smartphone essay to be ultra-thin? How can we pretty pattern a day of life out of a 4G, let alone a 3G phone with complicated use with a battery with reduction than say, 2500 maH?

This is doubly annoying since a initial thing that we do when we buy a new phone is wish to put in a bigger battery. In a box of a Galaxy Nexus, Verizon offers a Samsung OEM 2100 mAh battery to reinstate a default 1850 mAh one.

That’s what, a whole 250 mAh improvement? Why isn’t that a default battery in a initial place?

After you’ve bought your extended battery, we now have to figure out how to get it into a protecting case. This is even some-more of a problem, since companies like OtterBox (my box businessman of choice) usually pattern their cases for a default battery, not for 3rd-party batteries, or even a extended OEM batteries offering from a carrier.

I also went by this emanate on my Droid Bionic — Motorola offers a possess extended battery, a 2760 mAh BW8X. But good fitness anticipating any 3rd-party box that fits it.

Until battery chemistry improves to concede thinner batteries to reason a most incomparable charge, a usually resolution to battery anemia is for a handset OEMs and a carriers to finally face adult to a contribution that perplexing to sell a skinny phone with a battery that isn’t adult to a charge is doing a outrageous harm to a customer.

And that might really good meant sacrificing a “I wish to be like Apple” ethos and giving us bigger batteries and rather thicker phones by default.

Has your phone’s default malnutritioned battery driven we into Extended 3rd-party battery products? Talk Back and Let Me Know.

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