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Hands on: Samsung Rex 60

The Samsung Rex array of intelligent underline phones comes in during a time when smartphones are aiming to dig a underling Rs 5,000 category. Nonetheless, it’s a dauntless bid from Samsung to launch underline phones during a smartphone wars and it’s only a matter of time before a pattern gets unequivocally clear. Starting with 4 phones in a arsenal underneath a new Rex array Samsung seems to be utterly happy, and we are too. We got a possibility to try out a cheapest intelligent underline phone from a Samsung Rex series, a Samsung Rex 60, during a launch eventuality in Delhi on Feb 14. So here we benefaction a initial palm sense of a Samsung Rex 60 intelligent underline phone.

Samsung‘s imagination in creation Android smartphones in several cost categories has unequivocally paid off and now a association has learnt a knack of creation inclination that demeanour good and interest to a masses as well. The Samsung Rex 60 is no foreigner in this regard. The device is accessible in a accumulation of colours, some-more to tempt a girl yet during a same time do good among a some-more critical business oriented throng as well.

The device has a stout build and in verbatim terms it’s a ascent to a Samsung Chat Duos underline phone that was launched in 2012. The pattern elements as good as demeanour and feel of a device are identical to a comparison mobile phone, yet with a code new and softened handling complement that changes a whole perspective.

The device is powered by a Java formed handling complement that has been grown by Samsung privately for Rex array devices, so it would be safer to name a handling complement as a Rex handling system. Borrowing some visible queues from Samsung‘s Android counterparts a handling complement is discerning and offers good palliate of use. The discerning entrance bar that can be accessed by boring a finger downwards on a arrangement is generally of good advantage. Overall, we utterly like it, and it’s like an further to a applications home shade proceed that Nokia Asha inclination adopt.

All in all, a device is a underline phone with a 2.8 in. capacitive touchscreen that is both discerning and lightweight as well, thereby helping palliate of use.

The processor used by Samsung has not been mentioned or even talked about yet it is around a 500 MHz range. Its clockspeed, though, is not of effect as a ultra lightweight handling complement only breezes along and offers smoother opening too.

For imaging a device facilities a small some-more than a unclothed smallest 1.3 megapixel camera, that is good for gripping and saying cinema on a mobile phone itself. The bound concentration lens promotes faster picture capturing yet a low fortitude will unequivocally spin off users.

The device comes with Bluetooth and twin SIM connectivity with a SIM barter feature. This allows users to use one SIM for downloads and other things while utilizing a other one for calling. Same as a Rex 90, a Rex 60 misses out on a prohibited barter feature, yet with dual SIMs already there who would projection around a third SIM for swapping?

We are watchful for a device to arrive for a some-more minute review, and it’s positively going to be exciting, so stay tuned.

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