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Hands on… Kingston Wi-Drive

Visit any electrical products emporium and you’ll find shelves groaning with digital storage solutions, all cheap, abundant and reliable. Which begs a question: do we unequivocally need another storage gizmo?

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user afterwards a answer is yes. Apple doesn’t yield any approach to enhance a storage on their handhelds, so if we run out of space a usually options are to buy a new appurtenance or undo some files.

The Kingston Wi-drive attempts to bypass that reduction by charity extra
storage on a apart wireless gadget. Around a distance of a stream iPhone, a Wi-drive comes in 16GB and 32GB capacities (identical to a stream iPhone) and has a USBport for uploading files and charging a device.

Everything you’ve uploaded can be accessed wirelessly regulating a giveaway Wi-Drive app, theme to a common apple restrictions on record formats.

So far, ho-hum. Limited storage tied to a singular company’s gadgets isn’t an earth-shattering proposition.  Then i detected a tip not mentioned anywhere in a instructions that creates a Wi-Drive forever some-more useful.

It turns out roughly any web-enabled tool can be connected to a Wi-Drive. Just indicate a web browser to http://kingston and, as if by magic, a facilities of a iPhone app are recreated in a browser.

Accessing calm this approach works only as uniformly as on a app. we viewed
a operation of papers and even streamed a film from a Wi-Drive to my laptop but any issues. Quite because Kingston isn’t publicising this
feature is over me.

Battery life on a Wi-Drive is a tad disappointing. Kingston claims only 4 hours from a assign and a battery is non-replaceable, so we can’t barter it for a spare. All is not lost, though, as it’s probable to run a tool invariably from an in-car (or train, or plane) energy socket. we tested it in a automobile with a Belkin car-to-USB adaptor (around £5) and it
worked perfectly.

Would i suggest a Wi-Drive? If you’re simply using out of space afterwards it’s a visualisation call: ascent or Wi-Drive. For some people a cost assets of a expostulate will be overshadowed by a con of an additional device to lift and charge.

But if you’re perplexing to keep a automobile full of children entertained afterwards it could be a godsend. Load it adult with song and movies, branch your automobile into an party hotspot. Everyone can watch accurately what they wish on their phones, tablets and laptops.

Kingston Wi-Drive from £69.99
Stars: 3/5

Positives: an innovative product that works reliably.
Negatives: anexpensive approach to supplement capacity; reduction stretchable than built-in  storage.

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