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Guys who post lots of selfies have some-more narcissistic, psychopathic tendencies


Jan. 6, 2015 during 3:28 PM ET

Yeah, it’s substantially a good thought we avoided that male posing shirtless in a counterpart or giving a thumbs-up nearby a tiger. Turns out guys who post a lot of selfies are some-more expected to have narcissistic tendencies, according to a new study.

“Well, duh,” we competence say. “The Jersey Shore” already valid that. But a group in a investigate who posted lots of selfies also scored aloft on tests for psychopathy and self-objectification.

That astounded Jesse Fox and her group of researchers during Ohio State University. The paper was published in a journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Video: Among a biggest selfies of a year were Queen Elizabeth photobombing dual girls and a male who took a selfie while using with a bulls, according to BuzzFeed.

Nobody in a investigate scored outward a normal operation of function when it came to psychopathy or narcissism. Still, those who reported posting some-more selfies reported aloft levels of complacency (an arrogant clarity of self-worth ) and psychopathy (which involves buoyancy and a miss of empathy) than those who did not.

They also scored aloft on a exam for self-objectification, that indicates that they value themselves some-more for how they demeanour than other attributes. That can infrequently lead to eating disorders and depression. 

While this investigate usually looked during a responses of 800 men, Fox skeleton to demeanour during women who take selfies next. 

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